The Elvis Years - Volume 2: From Fort Hood To Hollywood


"From Fort Hood To Hollywood" ist der Untertitel des Volume 2 "Elvis Years"-Serie von "Anthem Publishing" welcher am 23.08.2018 erschien.

Ankündigung des Verlags:
"For volume two of The Elvis Years, we follow Elvis's journey from US army service through to his movie career and the music that soundtracked the period.

Beginning with a vital pre-army recording session, we explore Elvis's time in service, profile Elvis Is Back!, the album that announced his return, and tell the story of his TV comeback on Frank Sinatra's Elvis special.

Hollywood was the main focus throughout the 60s and there is a detailed examination of the entire period here, from GI Blues through to his final movies, with fascinating insight from movie co-stars, Cynthia Pepper and Marlyn Mason. Our special feature on Viva Las Vegas examines one of his most famous movies in further detail, and we take a look at the leading ladies from throughout his career.

Elvis produced some incredible music throughout this period. Here, we dig down into the process: from the league of super-talented songwriters working for the King, through to The Wrecking Crew studio musicians that brought those songs to life. Plus, Something For Everybody, Pot Luck and Presley's garage rock LP, Spinout, all receive in-depth analysis.

Also in volume two, we uncover the captivating history of gospel favourite How Great Thou Art, the track that gave him his first Grammy,wetour Graceland and browse Elvis's fleet of cars,plus we offer up our alternative Top 20 from the 1960-67 period."

Quelle: Anthem-Publishing.Com

The Comeback - Elvis A The Story Of The 68 Special


ISBN: 1785585819ISBN: 1785585819Am 06.09.2018 erscheint das 256 Seiten starke, von Simon Goddard geschriebene Buch "The Comeback - Elvis A The Story Of The 68 Special" bei "Omnibus Press" und wird vom Verlag wie folgt angekündigt:

"1968. A year of riots, revolution and world-changing Rock'n'roll. Except for Elvis Presley. The King of the Fifties had become the Clown of the Sixties, churning out bad music in dismal films, a humiliating spectre of his former glory. In the words of the hip young director assigned to his first TV special, Elvis' reputation was "in the toilet."

However the same director, Steve Binder, was now about to save it. Together they would embark on the biggest creative fight of Elvis' life. Overcoming insecurity, paranoia, a failing marriage, network censors, drugs, the over-protective Memphis Mafia, the sabotaging whims of manager Colonel Tom Parker and the heat exhaustion of his soon-to-be iconic black leather suit, with his '68 TV Special Elvis gave the defining performance of his career. He never sang harder, rocked wilder or blazed sexier. This was Elvis, The Resurrection."

Quelle: OmnibusPress.Com

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