Elvis 1960 - Seven Days In March


Paul Belard veröffentlicht das 194 Seiten starke und auf 50 Stück limitierte Buch "Elvis 1960 - Seven Days In March".

Ankündigung des Autors:
"March 1960, almost 2 years before, Elvis was drafted. At the peak of his professional career, he faced two uncertain

Would it be over?

Would the fans still be there when he came back?

The doubts were etched on his face, in the days of March 1958. His easy smiles were now forced. They would disappear
for a long while after his beloved mother's untimely death in August 1958.

However, in the days of March 1960, his smiles could not have been more genuine. His army days over amidst a flurry of
press conferences attended by more reporters than would have covered a presidential address. Frank Sinatra, who
came close to calling him a blabbering idiot a few years before ate crow and dug deep in his pockets to have him on the
show. Contracts for several movies were already signed.

A photo record of Elvis' journey through 7 days in March 1960 over more than 190 pages."

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The Elvis Files Magazine (Nr. 24)


Ausgabe 24Ausgabe 24

Hier das Cover der Juni-Ausgabe vom "The Elvis Files"-Magazin, welches u. a. folgende Themen beinhaltet:

- Elvis in New York
- Elvis & Ali: The Peoples Choice
- 1956: Elvis On TV
u. v. m.

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Comeback ´68 - Elvis: The Story Of The Elvis Special


Anlässlich des 50jährigen Jubiläums vom "´68 Comeback Special" veröffentlicht Steve Binder das 279 Seiten starke Buch "Comeback ´68 - Elvis: The Story Of The Elvis Special".

Dieses soll mit einer Widmung von Priscilla Presley erscheinen und im August 2018 bei der "Elvis Week" erstmals vorgestellt werden. Weitere Pläne sind die Umsetzung dieses Buches zu einer Dokumentation mit späterer DVD-Veröffentlichung (anvisiert ist 2019).

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Elvis Comeback Special director and producer, Steve Binder has partnered with Spencer and Meteor 17 to publish the definitive table top book on Binder’s making of the Special and all activities that led up to, were part of and happened, as a result of the landmark television event.

M17 long time art director, Hugh Syme designed the stunning look and feel of the 279 page collector’s item book which includes commentaries, interviews and never before seen memorabilia presented to Binder by both Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker. 

Grammy winning book manufacturing organization, Integrated Communications, widely known for producing high quality limited edition collections for major music artists and companies (Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Universal Music Enterprises, Concord Music Group, and Warner Music Group) are handling the printing of the book, worldwide.


To further propel the book, there will be a highly visible launch at Graceland in Memphis, August 2018 during Elvis week there. Binder will conduct a town hall forum and panel, followed by similar events at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and The Paley Center, in both NYC and LA.

Following the book offering, on a special basis to Elvis fan clubs around the world, there will be podcasts about the Special, a one night theater event in over 800 AMC, REGAL & CINEMARK screens via Fathom Events in the top DMAs in America.   A spoken word version of the book via Amazon’s Audible division, narrated by Binder will follow. The audio book will will contain actual excerpts from the Special, woven in with Binder’s reading. 

Spencer and Steve plan to bring the book to life in a documentary, to be directed by M17's John Coltrane Chasing Trane talent, John Scheinfeld in 2019. It will center on the making of the Special and Binder’s role as director/producer,teaming up with Elvis in a true buddy story that helped inform the course of pop music history.  The doc will highlight Steve's interface on the production process with Elvis and NBC to accomplish an evergreen and lauded result.

Binder has the most unique and informed perspective on how this landmark show was made and the events which transpired during production.  Elvis bravely stood up and supported Binder in order to have the Special completed and broadcast.  The success of this Comeback show propelled the course of Elvis' life and career.

This never before told perspective will be at the heart of our documentary.  Our film will enlighten and inform Elvis fans throughout the world with a behind the scenes look at this seminal moment of pop music media history.

Before the Book  becomes available to the general public through traditional retail outlets, the team will offer the book, DVD of the Special and other never before available items, through Elvis fan clubs around the world followed by a heavily promoted home shopping campaign.

Here is a recent article from Rolling Stone Magazine highlighting the importance to Elvis' career of this iconic Comeback show, directed and produced by Steve Binder.

Quelle: Meteor17.Com

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Flaming Star (Nr. 94)


No. 94No. 94

Der norwegische Fan-Club-Club veröffentlicht Nummer 94 seines Magazins "Flaming Star" und diese Ausgabe hat u. a. foglende Themen rund um Elvis:

- Fun In Acapulco
- Richfield, Ohio 1975
u. v. a.

Quelle: FaceBook.Com/Flaming-Star-192709100750828

Club Elvis (Nr. 103)


No. 103No. 103"Club Elvis" das Magazin des spanischen Elvis-Fan-Clubs erscheint dieser Tage und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- American Sesssions ´69
- The Searcher
- Elvis The Concert 2018
- u. v. m.

Quelle: ClubElvis.Org

The Elvis Experience


Elvis´ ehemaliger Bodyguard Dave Hebler veröffentlicht in Zusammenarbeit mit Michael Miller im August (andere Quellen meinen früher) sein Buch "The Elvis Experience" an.

Die ersten 250 Personen, die beim Autor vorbestellen, erhalten eine signierte bzw. nummerierte Kopie und nur diese ersten 250 werden nummeriert.

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Elvis, Strait, To Jesus: An Iconic Producer's Journey With Legends Of Rock 'n' Roll, Country, & Gospel Music


Tony Brown, Elvis´ Tourpianist, veröffentlichte am 01.05.2018 sein 176 Seiten umfassende Buch "Elvis, Strait, To Jesus: An Iconic Producer's Journey With Legends Of Rock 'n' Roll, Country, & Gospel Music" und dies wird wie folgt angekündigt:

"The King of Nashville, Tony Brown, offers a rare photographic journey through his 40-year career--including historical pictures and contemporary portraits of rock, country, and gospel music legends--in which he produced hundreds of #1 country songs that are beloved by millions.

From a child pianist banging out hymns in his family's gospel band, to playing keys for Elvis Presley, to producing a string of million-selling hits for artists like George Strait, Reba McEntire, and Trisha Yearwood, Tony Brown's storied career has left a singular impression on American music.
Known as the King of Nashville, Tony is adored by the mega-artists whose sounds he was instrumental to crafting, the city he's proud to call home, the millions of fans of of his over 100 number 1 singles, and the aspiring musicians he continues to inspire.

The President of MCA Records for nearly two decades and co-founder of Universal South Records, Tony is also referred to as the founder of Americana music, who shook the scene with his edgy signing choices of Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett, before producing a Golden Era of country music from the eighties to the two-thousands, achieving over 100 million in sales.

His life, musical legacy, and friendships are celebrated in this keepsake coffee table book, including rare behind-the-scenes images. It also includes contemporary, artful shots of 40 musical greats beloved to Tony, all featured in a French Renaissance chair that has been traveled countrywide for them to pose in, bringing out each of these legends' unique personalities.

Included are historical or contemporary photos of artists such as Elvis, Lisa Marie Presley, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Cyndi Lauper, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Trisha Yearwood, Lionel Richie, Jimmy Buffet, and many more."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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