Destined To Fly From Iowa To Elvis


Sally Hoedel ("Destined To Die Young") veröffentlicht ihre zweites Buch mit dem Titel "Destined To Fly From Iowa To Elvis - The Story Of Pilot Ron Strauss" und kündigte das auf facebook wie folgt an:

"I have some exciting news to share today. My second book, Destined to Fly: The Story of Pilot Ron Strauss – From Iowa to Elvis, has been submitted to the printer! As a writer, it’s a day of celebration that the work is complete and can soon be shared. As a friend, it’s a privilege to tell Ron’s life story, as I know it will inspire all of you as much as it has me.

Stories of a simple childhood in rural Iowa, twelve years of service in the United States Air Force during Vietnam, a hijacking as an airline pilot and flying Elvis Presley from tour to tour are all captured in this book. Ron’s story is one of bravery, patriotism, hard work, perseverance, love, family and flying. 

The journey of this book began one year ago. I spent a week interviewing Ron at his home in Florida. It was clear from day one that there was a story there worth telling and it went far beyond his two years co-piloting the Lisa Marie. The months that followed included research and interviews, all with the full support of his family and friends. The most daunting day was sharing the first draft with Ron himself. Thankfully, he liked it.

For Elvis fans, this book offers new information not only about the airplane itself, but also provides a glimpse of Elvis Presley as a boss. A professional relationship was maintained with the crew of the Lisa Marie that was vastly different from others around him. Destined to Fly will also become a resource for fans as it features incredible documentation, including never-before-seen photographs and a complete flight log detailing Elvis’ tour and travel schedule aboard the Lisa Marie.

More details will be shared over the weeks ahead. TCB!!

(A worldwide paper shortage has extended printing time frames. Watch for postings and information on availability and preorder opportunities coming soon.)".

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Elvis´ America - From Sea To Shining Sea


Von Henrik Knudsen, Lars Gjeding und Anthony Stuchbury stammt das Buch "Elvis´ America - From Sea To Shining Sea", welche noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen soll. Weitere Infos folgen!

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Elvis Presley: Australian 45rpm Extended Play Covers - Book 3


Bildquelle: ElvisInfoNet.ComBildquelle: ElvisInfoNet.ComRobert (Bob) Hayden ("Elvis Presley - Australian 45rpm Picture Covers"), australischer Sammler, hat wohl Volume 3 der Buchreihe "Elvis Presley - Australian 45rpm Extended Player Covers" veröffentlicht.

In diesem Buch sind u. a. Fotos und Informationen über zwei inoffizielle Elvis EPs, die in Australien produziert wurden enthalten.

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Elvis - Último Trem Para Memphis (Last Train To Memphis)


ISBN: 6555371218ISBN: 6555371218Für den 13.05.2022 ist das von Peter Gualnick geschriebene und 640 Seite starke Buch "Last Train To Memphis" in portugiesischer Sprache unter dem Titel "Elvis - Último Trem Para Memphis" angekündigt.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"“Elvis sai andando das páginas. Sentimos ele respirando. Este livro supera todos os outros.

”Bob DylanA BIOGRAFIA DEFINITIVA DE UM DOS MAIORES NOMES DA HISTÓRIA DO ROCK DE TODOS OS TEMPOS A história que mostra o homem por trás do mito. O mundo em que Elvis Presley cresceu, o mundo que o moldou e o mundo que ele, quase sem perceber, moldou para si próprio.Último trem para Memphis conta de forma vívida a juventude de Elvis.

A infância, os primeiros sucessos, a carreira no cinema, a relação particularmente íntima com os pais e também com namoradas, colegas, mentores e fãs. Tudo isso narrado com toda a graça e a singeleza da vida cotidiana, numa época de sonhos e de uma indústria musical que ainda não tinha se definido, e embasado por centenas de entrevistas e anos de pesquisa.

“É a biografia definitiva... um épico americano que pertence a todas as estantes.” Kirkus Reviews “Fiquei simplesmente fascinado por ele. Uma manhã fiquei vendo o ritual de Elvis para pentear os cabelos. Usava três óleos de cabelo diferentes, cera modeladora para o topete... como se fosse um corte militar, um tipo de óleo capilar para a frente, outro para trás. Perguntei por que ele usava aquela cera e ele respondeu que, assim, durante o show o cabelo dele cairia de uma certa maneira. Ele achava isso legal. Também me lembro que, quando ele usava um par de meias, em vez de lavá-lo, ele o enrolava e jogava na mala, e se você abrisse a mala, quase caía para trás. Estava cheia de coisas sujas, e muitas vezes "

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Elvis Presley - Une Folle Amérique


ISBN: 2377971016ISBN: 2377971016Bei "GM Editions" ist das 216 starke Buch "Elvis Presley - Une Folle Amérique" von Bertrand Dicale für den 08.09.2022 in französischer Sprache angekündigt.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Et si Elvis n'était pas vraiment l'Amérique? Et si, contrairement à ce que nous aimons croire en France, il ne représentait pas la profusion et la liberté typiques de la culture populaire des États-Unis, mais plutôt une exception, une névrose, une déviance?

Revenons sur l'histoire de ce pentecôtiste du Sud, modelé et obsédé par une religion du paroxysme et de la contention, du rigorisme et du laisser-aller… Un Sudiste dont la « bonne » Amérique regarde de haut l'accent et l'identité culturelle, un prolo aux manières... "

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Elvis Presley, Gospel Singer: An Inspirational Life


 ISBN: ‎ 1802272550 ISBN: ‎ 1802272550Am 15.04.2022 erscheint das von Madeleine Wilson geschriebene und 370 Seiten starke Buch "Elvis Presley, Gospel Singer: An Inspirational Life" bei "Shalom Publishing" im Taschenbuchformat.

Ankündigung des Verlages / Wilson:
"Elvis was known as the “King of Rock and Roll”, but he was also a Gospel Singer. He received three Grammy awards for his recordings, all of which were for his gospel songs.

Elvis, “The King”, many times said publicly that there is only one King, and that is Jesus Christ. He not only acknowledged the Lord but also worshipped Him and prayed to Him, often.

This book looks at Elvis’ life, particularly his Christian faith and the inspiration that he has been, and still is, to so many people. There is no doubt that Elvis is an enigma, but hopefully this book clarifies a side of Elvis that is often neglected. I believe it is a ‘good read’ which will be a revelation to many and, I hope, a blessing to all."

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