Little White Wonder - The Birth Of The Dutch Bootleg Industry


ISBN: 9789082689365 (English)ISBN: 9789082689365 (English)Im November 2020 erscheint das 248 Seiten starke und auf 500 Stück limitierte Buch "Little White Wonder - The Birth Of The Dutch Bootleg Industry" in englischer (ISBN: 978-90-826893-6-5) und  niederländischer (ISBN: 978-90-826893-5-8) Sprache. Als Bonus beinhaltet es eine Single mit exklusiven Interviews zu diesem Thema aus den VPRO-Archiven.

Dieses Buch soll die frühen Jahre der holländischen Raubkopieindustrie entüllen und zwar durch die Augen derer, die auf beiden Seiten der Geschichte beteiligt waren. Ausgestattet soll das Buch mit Originalaufzeichnungen, Bildern und weiterem Archivmaterial sein. Da auch viele Importe aus Holland kamen, dürfte Elvis nicht unerwähnt bleiben.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
Suddenly in 1970, they are all over the place. Illegally released records with unknown Dylan material, an unreleased Stones concert and a six-sided report of the Kralingen festival in Rotterdam. The established music industry is dismayed, the press loves it, and music lovers from all over the Netherlands flock to bookshops, dodgy stores and the Amsterdam Waterlooplein market to buy these so-called white records. Despite music playing a prominent role in the socioeconomic change that has been taking place in the Netherlands since the late sixties, it is with the emergence of these white records – the term bootleg is rarely used in the Netherlands in those days – that everything comes together. Yet this fascinating and pivotal phenomena has remained largely unexplored. Until now.

In Little White Wonder Charles Beterams unravels the mysterious tale behind the Dutch white record phenomena, talking with those who produced the records, those who bought them and those who fought them. Their story – often told for the very first time – is every bit as gripping and revealing as the societal upheavals that accompanied their appearance. From the underground, clandestine activities of idealistic hippies and timid students to canny entrepreneurs, the production of white records exposed a gap in Dutch legislation that enabled enterprising mavericks to get – often with permission from copyright organisation Stemra and even a helping hand from broadcasters – their decidedly unkosher records pressed, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Little White Wonder is also a tribute to those who, on the cusp of great change, had the vision to tread unexplored paths – on both sides of the law – without necessarily sparing themselves. Their actions still resonate today in a music industry that is much more accessible than was envisaged at the end of the sixties."

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Elvis Obersten Og Mig


Henrik Knudsen, vom dänischen "Memphis Mansion" arbeitet an einem neuen Buch über den ehemaligen Elvis-Fotografen Ed Bonja mit dem Titel "Elvis Obersten Og Mig".

Das 100-seitige dänische Buch behandelt Ed Bonjas Zeit mit Elvis Presley und basiert auf den vielen Gesprächen, die der Autor mit dem im letzten Jahr verstorbenen Fotografen geführt hat. Das Buch ist Bildern illustriert, die Bonja von 1970 bis 1977 von Elvis Presley gemacht hat. Dem Buch liegt eine Interview-CD, ein signiertes Bild bei uns soll auf 500 Stück limitiert sein.

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Elvis, "A Plan Of God" & SUN: The Magic Of Without You


ISBN: 1973753456ISBN: 1973753456Am 02.06.2020 erschien das 264 Seiten starke Buch "Elvis, "A Plan Of God" & SUN: The Magic Of Without You" bei "CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform" und wurde mit folgenden Worten angekündigt:

"The soft cover 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' by Darrin Memmer has been released. Based on months of rigorous research, access to primary source materials, and interviews with those who were there at the time, the book provides fascinating, new information and never-before-seen archival documents about Elvis’ 12th grade Carnival Variety Show performance and Sun Studio recordings.
The front cover of this 264-page, 6x9 soft cover dramatically takes you back to the Lauderdale Courts on January 8, 1953. The precise moment in time when a Boy from Tupelo turned eighteen years old and purposefully began his transition to an entertainer of renown in Memphis.

Highlights of this new release include: "Without You" lyrics and music chart handwritten on 2 pages within a Peters’ Blank Music Book. This previously-unseen document courtesy Rose Clayton.

Twenty-five pages devoted to the "real story" of which Mildred Scrivener-produced talent show Elvis appeared on (and won) at Humes High Two long-form interviews about Elvis’ appearance on the Humes High talent show: "Elvis In Red" At The Humes Variety Show in '53 with Buzzy Forbess, and Elvis' Audition and Humes Variety Show in '53 with Mary Ruth Forbess. Incredibly, Ms. Forbess reveals that Elvis had to audition to appear on the show!

John W. Heath authentic ticket for Humes High School Carnival Presents "The Variety Show," March 27, 1953. A sweet tenth-grader attending Humes High in 1954 recounts, in detail, being at the Porter-Leath Orphanage and hearing Elvis's debut on Dewey Phillips' radio show 'Red Hot and Blue'. It is the only such memory to ever be printed! Confirmation by Jud Phillips that Marion Keisker, not his brother, Sam, recorded Elvis' first demo The back story to the "Elvis at 18" photo taken by his mother, Ms. Presley A fresh examination of Elvis, Big Mama Thornton, and the recording of "Hound Dog" Two chapters, "A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw" and "Folk Music Fireball", bring you an amazing 30 pages of SUN 209 knowledge

Darrin Memmer's 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' devotes sixteen pages to the Jimmy Sweeney demo "Without You" (a passion of Chris Kennedy to be made available as a full-length album by Org Music in August 2020) and why it was EP’s magic moment at Sun Records. This book is published In Memory of Marion Keisker and dedicated to Mr. Buzzy Forbess."

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Elvis 1956: September 9 - First Ed Sullivan Show


Paul Belard kündigt sein neues Buch "Elvis 1956: September 9 - First Ed Sullivan Show" an und diese wird, wie der Titel schon verrät, viele Informationen rund um diese Show beinhalten. Weitere Infos folgen!

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Memphis Mayhem: A Story Of The Music That Shook Up The World


ISBN: 9781770415089ISBN: 9781770415089Für den 06.10.2020 ist das von David A. Less geschriebene Buch "Memphis Mayhem: A Story Of The Music That Shook Up The World" angekündigt und wird mit folgenden Worten vom kanadischen "ECW Press" präsentiert:

"Memphis Mayhem weaves the tale of the racial collision that led to a cultural, sociological, and musical revolution. Beginning with the 1870s yellow fever epidemics that created racial imbalance as wealthy whites fled his hometown, David Less moves beyond W.C. Handy’s codification of the blues in 1909 to the mid-century advent of interracial music, the birth of punk, and finally to the growth of a music tourism industry.

The city’s musical ecosystem included studios, high school band instructors, clubs, record companies, family bands, pressing plants, and retail record outlets, and it produced a startling array of talent, including Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Al Green, Otis Redding, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carla Thomas, Booker Little, Alex Chilton, Ann Peebles, Jim Dickinson, Furry Lewis, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and Justin Timberlake.

Lively and comprehensive, Memphis Mayhem is a provocative chronicle of finding common ground through music and creating a sound that would change the world."

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Inventing Elvis: An American Icon in A Cold War World


ISBN: 1350107662ISBN: 1350107662"Bloomsbury USA Academic" kündigt für den 24.12.2020 das 240 Seiten umfassende englischsprachige Buch "Inventing Elvis: An American Icon in A Cold War World" von  Mathias Häußler  an.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Elvis stands tall as perhaps the supreme icon of 20th-century US culture. Yet he was perceived to be deeply un-American in his early years as his controversial adaptation of rhythm and blues music, and gyrating on-stage performances, sent shockwaves through Eisenhower's conservative America.

This book explores Elvis' transformation from America's 'inner enemy' into one of its most potent Cold War weapons, demonstrating the power of popular culture in shaping perceptions of the United States at home and abroad. It reveals how this process was driven by non-state actors such as journalists and record companies, who worked tirelessly to 'sell Elvis' in a hostile political environment, and then later hijacked by US propagandists; culminating in Elvis's influence on the European Cold War frontline.

Häußler demonstrates how Elvis' synonymous identity with US culture proved to be a double-edged sword, as his celebrity seemed to vindicate long-held anti-American stereotypes in Europe and Soviet propaganda about the allegedly materialistic nature of American society. This became particularly stark during the 1970s when Elvis' personal decay seemed to mirror a post-Vietnam, post-Watergate America deeply uncertain of its role in the world.

Tracing Elvis's story from his unlikely rise in the 1950s right up to his tragic death in August 1977, this book uses new archival research to offer a riveting account of changing US identities during the Cold War, forcing us to reconsider the role of popular music and consumerism in the cultural struggle between East and West."

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