ISBN: 149710467XISBN: 149710467XFür den 30.07.2024 ist von "Fox Chapel Publishing" das 128 Seiten umfassende Buch "The Story Of Elvis: The Rise And Fall Of The Undisputed King Of Rock 'n' Roll" angekündigt.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Take an intimate and fascinating look into the life of Elvis Aaron Presley, the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll! Learn what his life was like growing up in poverty in Tupelo, MS, about his childhood as told by his father, Vernon, his rise to fame in the music world by his mid-twenties when the world lay at his feet, his military career, and sizable film career, and the pressures that led to his self-destructive behavior and early death.

You'll also learn all the ups and downs in Elvis's life including intimate details about his relationship with his parents, his wife--Pricilla, the Memphis Mafia, and array of girlfriends with photos to match. Many of the photos were originally seen in LIFE magazine, but there are private family photos as well. Also included are fascinating explanations of Elvis's state of mind while recording each album, behind-the-scene photos, the track list, how each album was received by fans and critics, and the effect it had on his career."

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