"VElvis Enterprises" kündigt für den Mai 2024 das auf 400 Stück limitierte Buch "Yours Elvis Presley: The Definitive Collection Of Elvis Presley Autographs - Volume 1" von Stephen M. Shutts mit folgenden Worten an:

"An in-depth look at approximately 100 plus authentic autographs from Elvis Presley, inclusive of approximately 75 never before published photos of Elvis from 1955 to 1976. From Stephen's personal collection and from selected respected peers in the Elvis collector community.

This hardback, collector's edition book serves a two-fold purpose. One, it provides never before told stories about Elvis, by the fans who met him and obtained a coveted autograph in person. Secondly, it presents itself as a study guide on Elvis autographs in order to avoid secretarial and forged signatures when collecting.

Enjoy reading previously untold, heartfelt stories about Elvis and the places he frequented or was spotted at, stories from adoring fans who spent a cherished moment in time with him and left with the ultimate souvenir...an autograph.

Learn about Elvis' diverse handwriting characteristics during his career, as explained by leading authority and historian, Stephen M. Shutts. Shutts has spent the majority of his life pursuing all aspects of Elvis Presley's iconic career."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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