ISBN : ‎ 0938840126ISBN : ‎ 0938840126Das 412 Seiten starke Hardcoverbuch "Elvis The SUN Years: The Story Of Elvis Presley In The Fifties" erschien am 20.07.2023 bei "Horizon Books" und wurde von Howard DeWitt , Scott Amonson bzw. Ken Burke verfasst.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"The Story of Elvis Presley in the Fifties is recognized as the definitive history of Presley and Sun Records. By ignoring the myths and drawing upon 200 interviews with those close to Sun Record founder, Sam Phillips, the magnetic appeal of Elvis brought him to the forefront of rock ‘n’ roll. DeWitt offers a personal as well as professional portrait of young Elvis, who, from behind a facade of great confidence, revealed to his closest friends the rather shy, nervous, decent, respectful and polite individual whose primary desire as a performer was to always do his best. The forgotten heroes behind Elvis are also examined in detail. “That’s All Right (Mama)” created the power of the Hillbilly Cat. He became a regional star. When Col. Tom Parker became Presley’s manager, this created the myths surrounding Elvis’ unique talent. The back story of family, friends and musicians who brought Elvis to the pinnacle of rock stardom has never been told. They are the “forgotten heroes.” They tell a new story of Presley and the Sun Record label.

This expanded revised edition focuses on the talent of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as he entered the rock music mainstream. Supported by nine appendices devoted to Elvis’ early concerts, recordings, and musical influences, rare photos of his early life, a bibliographical essay, and a list of sources, Elvis the Sun Years is a unique, insightful, and entertaining portrait of a little-known period in the life of the greatest entertainer of our time."

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