ISBN: 9788409433834ISBN: 9788409433834"20th Century Masterworks" veröffentlicht am 18.10.2022 die 88 Seiten Buch- / CD-Kombination "Elvis 1956" vom Autor Peter Guralnick in englischer Sprache.

Inhalt - CD:
I Got A Woman - Heartbreak Hotel - Money Honey - I'm Counting On You - I Was The One - I Love You Because - Just Because - Tryin' To Get To You - Blue Moon - I'll Never Let You Go - Blue Suede Shoes - My Baby Left Me - One-Sided Love Affair - So Glad You're Mine - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You - Tutti Frutti - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Hound Dog - Don't Be Cruel - Any Way You Want Me - Love Me - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Playing For Keeps - Paralyzed - Old Shep - Anyplace Is Paradise - How's The World Treating You - How Do You Think I Feel - Too Much - Love Me Tender

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"DELUXE HARD-COVER 88-PAGE BOOK + AUDIO CD His debut album + 19 bonus tracks.

In this impressive 88-page book, renowned music critic, author, screenwriter, and Elvis Presley authority PETER GURALNICK explores Elvis’ records and experiences from 1956 in great detail.

Guralnick explains why it was such a groundbreaking year in the career of the iconic rock & roll star. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1943, Guralnick specializes in the history of early rock and roll and is the author of a classic two-volume biography of Elvis Presley, Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, followed by Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley.

This book is fully illustrated with rare and never before published photos, including numerous classic shots of Elvis by photographer Alfred Wertheimer. Also included inside is a 79-minute-long CD containing 31 of Elvis’ most important songs from 1956 carefully selected by Guralnick to accompany this book."

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