The Sonic Swagger Of Elvis Presley - A Critical History of The Early Recordings


"The Sonic Swagger Of Elvis Presley - A Critical History of The Early Recordings" heißt das von Gary Parker geschriebene Buch und dieses wird mit folgenden Worten angekündigt:

"Elvis Presley's clever manipulation of his numerous interests remains one of the music world's great marvels. His synthesis of country, rhythm & blues and gospel created an inventive mixture of hair-raising rock & roll and balladry, with one foot in delta muck and the other in a country hoedown.

This history focuses squarely on the music of Presley's groundbreaking early years and includes a comprehensive analysis of every Presley recording session from the 1950s. Chapters deftly illustrate how Presley, and his musical compatriots Scotty Moore and Bill Black, fused two distinctly American musical forms - country and blues - to form what would come to be known as rockabilly. Also detailed is Presley's influence on music and how his contributions are still celebrated today."

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