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Elvis A Humanitarian wurde erstellt von Charles

Ein weiteres, 300 Seiten starke Buch von Paul Belard trägt den Titel "Elvis A Humanitarian" und wird wie folgt angekündigt:

"Throughout his career, Elvis performed benefit concerts in support of various causes. He donated to many charities, some of them every year, other in a more random fashion. He also reached out to friends, family and total strangers, paying hospital bills, providing financial assistance, or buying cars, house and other things.

One can only guess at how many people he touched throughout his career, from expensive gifts to tender and poignant embraces he gave sick or disabled children. The true depth and breadth of his generosity and community involvement might never be known, but it is all right since it is something he was reluctant to advertise. Much of what he did was done quietly, without fanfare, except when his notoriety made it impossible to keep his acts off the public eye."


Quelle: ElvisInfoNet.Com

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