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Diese Infos habe ich auf dem FECC Forum gesehen:

WOWO Exclusive: Bob Chase interview with Elvis Presley

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Bob Chase passed away Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016 at Parkview Hospital Randallia in Fort Wayne. The WOWO legend is known to almost everyone in Fort Wayne as he was the Sports Director for WOWO radio for 63 years. He’s also well known for spending more than 60 years as the voice of the Fort Wayne Komets.

During his time at WOWO, Bob would interview many artists as he was part of the original Fabulous Four. (Bob Chase, Bob Sievers, Jack Underwood and Don Chevillet.) One of those artists was a young Elvis Presley.

As we get ready to honor Bob at the Fort Wayne Komets’ Bob Chase Memorial Game on Thursday, November 23rd, Bob’s family came forward with the original Elvis Presley interview. It was first heard on WOWO on March 31, 1957. It was then aired again in 1988. To help promote the Bob Chase Memorial Game, Bob’s family allowed WOWO to air the interview for only the third time in 60 years. They have also given WOWO permission to share this piece of history with you.

Mehr dazu (und Foto):

LISTEN: Bob Chase WOWO Exclusive Interview with Elvis Presley

Hier auf der offiziellen Scotty Moore Seite mehr zu dem dazugehörigen Konzert:
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