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Hat der King of Rock ‚n‘ Roll geklaut?

Das Album „Elvis Stole My Job“ suggeriert: Elvis Presley habe sich bei afroamerikanischer Musik „bedient“. Der Musikjournalist Karl Bruckmaier hält den Vorwurf für übertrieben: Im Kulturenmix der US-Musikszene habe jeder jeden inspiriert.

The title is program: a compilation of 30 artists and songs that were important role models for the later "King of Rock "n "Roll" (many of the songs ELVIS later interpreted himself) - compiled by LITTLE VICTOR aka THE MOJO MAN on the RHYTHM BOMB sublabel KOKO MOJO.

The rapid success of Elvis Presley was largely due to the fact that he not only developed a wickedly "black" singing style, but also tore down dams in terms of sexualized and overexcited stage presence and clothing that had previously separated African-American artists and their audiences sharply from the white music listeners. Elvis Presley himself knew well enough that with the skills, moves and tricks of his colorful idols he had unleashed a wave of enthusiasm that would never have been granted to himself.

These 30 songs by artists such as ARTHUR "Big Boy" Crudup, Clyde Mcphatter And The Drifters, Lloyd Price, Otis Blackwell, Arthur Gunter, Wynonie Harris, Pete Mann, Andre Williams or Roy Hamilton, who for example wrote the songs "Don "t Be Cruel" or "All Shook Up" for ELVIS, clearly show that the originals were often superior to the "King", but at least how humbly he imitated them. Little Victor aka The Mojo Man, put the songs together competently as usual and wrote the liner notes of the three-part 4c digisleeve.

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