file Sold Out! The Ultimate 8mm Collection: Volume 13

16 Feb 2022 14:42 #959119 von Charles
Sold Out! The Ultimate 8mm Collection: Volume 13

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16 Feb 2022 14:43 - 16 Feb 2022 14:48 #959120 von Charles
"Over the past year we have released some amazing 8mm footage that has surprised many of you, much of it unknown to most fans. Now get ready for The Best!One of the highlights on this new release is an almost-complete 1974 concert in fantastic quality. And the concert itself is a classic, with Elvis at his finest. Until now, this much sought-after film was sold only amongst high-end collectors for large amounts of money. The Omaha July 1, 1974 footage is a fresh high resolution transfer from the actual 8mm film and it looks absolutely stunning.

You can even see the details in his suit. This 48-minute film is a true delight, and one of the best 8mm films in existence. Elvis is in a great mood, he’s joking with bandmembers and the audience, and he’s singing up a storm on songs like “Trying To Get To You” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. An absolute must-see!There are 14 different 8mm films on “Sold Out volume 13”, covering the period 1970 – ’76, starting with Mobile ‘70. Plenty of footage from ’71 – ’73 that really makes you feel like you are there. Especially the June ’72 films put you right in the audience… Lights out, sound WAY up and you are THERE!

In Chicago, he was clearly mindful of where he was, because he added a lot of blues to his setlist. The ‘Get Back’ medley is cool, with a different guitar-solo by JB. Another cool detail is that several of these films show you the inside of the arenas where Elvis played, with especially the Omni being huge, with 18,000 fans waiting in anticipation for their hero.‘A medley of costumes…’. There’s also fascinating footage from ’75 and ’76, showing Elvis in various unusual outfits, including the two-piece that he favored in April ’75. And from the ill-fated Summer Festival ’75, the one-time-only ‘Penguin suit’. Story has it that Elvis was running a bit late that night, and opted to do his show in his regular street wear. Well, late or not, his performance that night was intimate and fun, and included various concert rarities."
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12 Mär 2022 21:57 #959508 von Teddybear1967
Habe mir mit der Nr. 13 die erste Ausgabe dieser Serie zugelegt. Die Aufnahmen aus Omaha finde ich wirklich klasse. Elvis scheint Spaß auf der Bühne zu haben und es ist auch einmal schön nicht nur einen 2-5 Minuten Clip, sondern 47 Minuten am Stück einer Show in wirklich sehr guter 8mm-Qualität sehen zu können.

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