ISBN: 9798886741261ISBN: 9798886741261Am 06.08.2024 soll das 224 Seiten starke und von Gillian G. Gaar geschriebene Buch "Elvis Presley Treasures: The Story Of The King Of Rock 'n' Roll Told Through His Personal Mementos" bei "Weldon Owen" erscheinen.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"An intimate look at one of the greatest icons of the twentieth century, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, through 100 personal and iconic objects from the archives of Elvis’s beloved home, Graceland—a never-before-seen collection, until now.

For the first time, fans will see Elvis’s remarkable life through his treasured personal items, as well as the items that marked iconic milestones in his life, including:

  • Elvis’ first performance guitar
  • The Presley family bible and family mementos
  • The famous “tablecloth contract” for his International Hotel residency
  • Elvis and Priscilla’s personal photo album, featuring unseen pictures of them with Lisa Marie
  • Iconic stage clothing as well as his favorite off-stage wear
  • Personal effects, including his wallet and favorite jewelry
  • His script from Jailhouse Rock

These treasures and so much more paint a picture of one of the greatest performers of our time.

AN INTIMATE LOOK at the life and times of Elvis Presley, through personal pieces that were collected by Elvis and insightfully annotated by music journalist, Gillian Gaar.

NEVER BEFORE SEEN: Many items featured in Elvis Presley Treasures have been supplied by Graceland’s private archives and have never been seen in print.

ICONIC PIECES: From the gold suit of Elvis's early career, the black leather wristband from the ‘68 Comeback Special and his iconic caped jumpsuit worn at the Aloha from Hawaii performance, to his private plane the Lisa Marie and his pink Cadillac, Elvis’s most iconic and memorable pieces are on display in this book.

OFFICIAL ACCOUNT: Created in collaboration with the Elvis Presley estate and Graceland, fans of Elvis will get an exclusive look into the life of one of America’s most iconic figures."

Quelle: SimonAndSchuster.Com

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