De Elvis


Dennis van Tiel ("Almost In Elvis"-Fanclub) veröffentlichte das 116-seitige niederländische Buch 'De Elvis'  und dieses ist 19. Veröffentlichung des Fanclubs.

"America is Elvis and Elvis is America. Both are immortal, love a dream, are a little too proud of each other and themselves, love to show, are mad about weapons, don't let the state prescribe anything, but like the doctor.

Believe in everything that blesses them and have at least four wheels, like a fried reality, are manic, like to invent things and land first. Are not fashion-conscious, introverted, think there is real equality and that they are democratic, love money, are talented and they always exonerate themselves from all charges. And we're probably forgetting a few more. In short, Elvis as America incarnate, that is the idea of the nineteenth issue of 'Almost in Elvis'."

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com

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