ISBN: 9798581395240ISBN: 9798581395240"Elvis Presley: The King Of Rock And Roll" heißt das 303 Seiten starke Buch von Frnak R D´Onofrio, welches mit folgenden Worten für den 26.12.2020 angekündigt wird:

"Elvis Presley rocketed from oblivion and became one of the greatest influences of the 20th Century. It is the story of what happened. Without a doubt, in early 1954, Elvis Presley was the least likely to achieve stardom. A poor teenage truck driver for a local electric company, coming from a Memphis housing project.

In 1954, Rock and Roll music was just in its embryo stage, not yet defined as a musical genre. Evolving from black music emanating from the black-owned nightclubs in the southern United States. It was Called Rhythm and Blues (R&B,) and had a very limited following. 1950s teenagers yearning for a different sound of their own were obliged by local Memphis DJ - Dewey Phillips. Playing R&B through his successful local WHBQ radio show called Red Hot and Blue, emanating from Memphis, Tennessee, it could be heard in many neighboring states. Dewey’s influence was legendary; he became the “Midwife of Rock and Roll Music™.”

Dewey's influence on Elvis and other contemporaries such as Buddy Holly and others has, to date, been overlooked in contemporary history. On July 5th, 1954, Elvis Presley arrived at the Memphis Recording Studios to perform a demo for owner and record producer, Sam Phillips (no relation to Dewey). At that moment, Elvis had not sung a single note professionally. He auditioned for hours without any success or glimmer of hope.

On the brink of ending his first recording session without success. A nervous, scared teenager paced the floor, during a late break. Nervously, he just started to play chords to an old blues song called “That’s All Right Mama,” with a slight alteration of tempo and style.

That was when Lightning Struck!

Nervous young Elvis Presley playing to pass time, thought no one was listening. Playing the song in a slightly different way caught Sam Phillips. by surprise. Another person in the control room that night than Sam Phillips, it is questionable if young Elvis Presley's career would have even started!

The book describes the early career of Elvis Presley, the lightning storm that started on July 5th, 1954. and its terminal velocity on September 9th, 1956, during the Ed Sullivan Show. Over 60 million people watched the coronation of Elvis Presley as the definitive King of Rock and Roll. First coined by High school friend and local DJ Memphis Disc Jockey George Klein (GK) was “The King of Rock and Roll.” It was an innocent but truthful description of what transpired the first two years of his career (1954-1956). But the road to the title had pitfalls.

Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll describes why Elvis Presley earned and deserved this title. He altered the trajectory of history in a single moment. On July 5th, 1954. Elvis Presley started a firestorm that transformed popular music while forever changing the landscape of the music industry. A firestorm, which would transform the world.

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll puts the reader in the middle of it all. Feeling the emotions of the young teenager and understanding what caused the world's transformation. The book focuses primarily on the music and the people around him, the catalysts to his success.

Within three years, Elvis Presley went from the brink of a failed audition to the largest-selling recording artist in the world. A new music genre pioneered by Elvis and his contemporaries presented Rock & Roll to a new audience. This audience arguably helped bridge a cultural divide and would be a catalyst of change for generations. The unassuming public persona and demeanor of a young Elvis Presley gave him the capability to usher Rock & Roll into every home. Elvis did it all without any musical or financial pedigree. Achieving this by raw talent alone. 

George Klein-GK in 2017, after reading my book excerpts, told me in the Sirius XM Elvis Radio Studio: “Frank, no one has written this book the way you are writing it! It has to be written!”

Thank you GK - Here it is."

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