Sold Out! The Ultimate 8mm Collection: Volume 6


Sold Out! The Ultimate 8mm Collection: Volume 6

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"SOLD OUT! Volume 6 featuring Dave Hebler!!

There’s always a reason for celebration when a new volume of ‘Sold Out!’ is released, because you know that you are going to get almost three hours of ultra-rare Elvis 8mm footage that up to now had only been privy to a select few. And at only a fraction of the price of what others have paid to own this remarkable footage

Volume 5 was a great surprise to many, with the first-ever quality footage from Lake Tahoe being just one of the many delights on offering. And believe us, volume 6 is even better!

This time, the focus is on 1972 – 1977, and the set contains 22 different 8mm films from those years. This release offers you a fresh look at those years, with an amazing variety of material, and much of it being amongst the best 8mm footage around. It’s amazing to see this footage after all these years: small gestures that you hadn’t seen before, suits that you hadn’t seen on film, his fun interaction with the audience, superb vocal performances… It’s almost like rediscovering the man and his unbelievable talent

Someone who can often be seen in this footage, usually at the end of shows, is Elvis’ bodyguard DAVE HEBLER. In Vegas footage, you can usually see him holding the curtain for Elvis, while on the road he is often at the edge of the stage. We tracked him down, and he kindly agreed to write the liner-notes for this release, as an exclusive for Pyramid. The liner-notes that Mr. Hebler wrote are some of the best-ever on an Elvis release. His thoughts and observations make for truly fascinating reading, and it gives us fresh insights into Elvis as an artist and performer. Dave also intimates how Elvis felt about fans filming the shows

Pyramid always goes that extra mile to give the fans a quality product at an affordable price. Great care is taken during the restauration process of the high-resolution transfers from the original 8mm films. Our aim is to stay true to what was originally recorded, and present it in the best way possible. And it’s certainly a nice compliment when even Elvis’ own friends and musicians tell us that they enjoy what we are doing, and that this is as close as it gets to seeing the man himself in concert

Packaged in a beautiful 3-panel digipack, this is a true collectors dream and a feast for ears and eyes"
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