The Year That Rocked The WorldThe Year That Rocked The WorldAm 18.07.2005 erscheint diese 3-CD-Box, welche verschiedene Künstler zusammenfasst die 1954 den Musikalltag in den USA prägten.

Inhalt - CD 1:
That's All Right (Elvis Presley) - Jump Children (The Flamingos) - Sh-Boom (The Chords) - Voo Vee Ah Bee (The Platters) - Baby Let's Play House (Arthur Gunter) - Bottle Up And Go (Big John Greer) - Go Go Go (The Treniers) - Flyright Boogie (Merrill E. Moore) - Buick '59 (The Medallions) - Sexy Ways (The Midnighters) - Wine Spo-Li-O-Li (Sid King, The Five Strings) - Live The Life I Love (Billy Wright) - Key To My Heart (The Robbins) - Ice Cold Water (Glenn Barber) - Rock It! (The Rocking Brothers) - Cat Music (Dave Bartholomew) - Well All Right (Big Joe Turner) - Ooh Daddy (Linda Peters, The Rockettes) - New Hound Dog (Frank Motley) - I Ain't Drunk (Jimmy Liggins) - You Won't Believe This (The Maddox Brothers, Rose) - Roll Baby Roll (Floyd Dixon) - Boot 'Em Up (The Du Droppers) - Hound Dog (Freddie Bell, The Bellboys) - Oop Shoop (Shirley Gunter) - There's Gonna Be A Ball (Rudy Grayzell) - Hearts Of Stone (The Charms) - Dim Dim The Lights (Bill Haley, The Comets)

CD 2:
Shake Rattle And Roll (Big Joe Turner) - I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (Elvis Presley) - Bip Bam (The Drifters) - Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash (Big John, The Buzzards) - Gonna Dance All Night (Hardrock Gunter) - Rattle Snake Daddy (Bill Carlisle, The Carlisles) - Put Something In The Pot, Boy (Sid King, The Five Strings) - Trying To Get To You (The Eagles) - Hole In The Wall (H-Bomb Ferguson) - All Night Long (Joe Houston) - Women And Cadillacs (The Nite Riders) - Christina (Wynonie Harris) - Feel So Bad (Chuck Willis) - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (Malcolm Yelvington) - Hello Little Boy (Ruth Brown) - ABC Boogie (Bill Haley, The Comets) - Gonna Roll And Rock (Lucky Joe Almond) - Mama Don't Like (Oscar McLollie, The Honey Jumpers) - Ride Ride Ride (Jack McVea) - The Woodchuck (Billy Emerson) - Gee (The Crows) - No More, No More, No More (Bobby Lord) - Poison Ivy (Willie Mabon) - Tick Tock (Marvin, Johnny) - Rockin' And A-Knockin' (Gayle Griffith) - Waitin' For My Baby (Rock Rock) (Hawkshaw Hawkins) - Baptise Me In Wine (Jalacy "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins) - Good Rockin' Tonight - (Elvis Presley)

CD 3:
Rock Around The Clock (Bill Haley, The Comets) - Blue Monday (Smiley Lewis) - Pork Chop Stomp (Grady Martin, The Winging Strings) - Burley Cutie (Johnny Ace) - Oh But She Did (The Opals) - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Joe Liggins) - Night Howler (Billy Gayles) - Whoa Boy! (Red Smith) - Play It Cool (The Spaniels) - Okie Dokie Stomp (Gatemouth Brown) - Move Me Baby (Freddie Bell, The Bellboys) - Spider Web (Tiny Bradshaw) - Idaho Red (Wade Ray) - Rockin' Baby (Gene Henslee) - Let Me In There Baby (Billy Strange) - One Bad Stud (The Honey Bears) - Jam Up (Tommy Ridgley) - I'm Tired Of Beggin' (The Sly Fox) - Oh Maria (Joe Alexander) - What A Party (Jesse Allen) - Mush Mouth (Buddy Johnson) - Fatback And Corn Liquor (Louis Jordan) - Doggie Joe (Bill Carlisle, The Carlisles) - One Note Boogie (Willie Restum) - I Like It (Sid King, The Five Strings) - Black Diamond (Ray Brown) - Happy Baby (Bill Haley, The Comets) - Blue Moon Of Kentucky ( Elvis Presley)

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