100 Things Elvis Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

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ISBN: 9781600789083Bei "Triumph Books" erscheint im April 2014 das von Gillian G. Gaar geschriebene Buch "100 Things Elvis Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" und dieses wird mit folgenden Worten angekündigt:

"With 2014 marking the 60th anniversary of the release of Elvis Presley’s first record, “That’s All Right,” this book makes the perfect companion for celebrating the life and music of one of the world’s most popular entertainers.

Packed with history, trivia, lists, little-known facts, and must-do adventures, legions of Elvis fans around the globe who still adore him more than three decades after his death will delight in this ode to “The King.” Ranked from one to 100, the songs, albums, movies, places, personalities, and events that are the most important to know in Elvis lore unfold on the pages, offering hours of entertainment for both casual and serious fans."

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Chronique D´ Elvis Presley

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ISBN: 236602214XAm 20.06.2014 veröffentlichet Philippe Margotin das Buch "Chronique D´ Elvis Presley". Weitere Infos folgen!

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Elvis - We´ll Remember You (Muistamme Sinut)

am Montag, 10. März 2014 11:17.

Im Juli 2014 plant "Finn Fan Productions" die Veröffentlichung eines zweisprachigen (englisch & finnisch) und auf 1000 Stück limitierten Ed Bonja-Bildbandes "Elvis - We´ll Remember You (Muistamme Sinut)".

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"In July of 2014 an independent Finn Fan Productions will release a unique coffee table book titled "Elvis – We'll Remember You". The book will contain many unseen photos of the King of Rock'n'Roll from the files of Ed Bonja. Bonja will open his photo exhibition of the same name in a South-East harbor town of Kotka, Finland on July 23rd, and the photo book supports the exhibition.

Photos for this publication were taken by Ed Bonja, who worked as Tour Manager and Official Photographer from 1970 to 1977. During that period he took some 10.000 photos of Elvis and various happenings in conjunction with the tours and engagements. Ed's photos were routinely used on all kinds of souvenir materials promoting Elvis tours, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe engagements. In addition, most photos used on the single and LP covers from the 70's are from Ed. “Elvis – We’ll Remember You” covers years 1970 – 1975; including various tours, photos from Las Vegas Hilton Engagements and photos of crew members and musicians alike.

The book is divided in four different categories, which makes it a very special one. These chapters allow you to take a look also behind the scenes of a superstar’s production. On 200 full color pages, we see Elvis meeting fans – on and off stage, sometimes receiving gifts and awards. Roadies can be seen taking care of business and helping the organization their own way, as well as Colonel Parker relaxing at his home in Palm Springs or playing Santa for Hilton employees children. Included are the photos Ed took at Graceland when went there to take pictures for the live album cover. Not to forget The King himself: you’ll see Elvis on stage doing what he loved to do – entertaining.

Text in the book is in both Finnish and English, which makes this book international. Naturally, photos speak for themselves and cross all language barriers. Ed is a fantastic story teller and his vivid memories are integral part of this book.

This is not an ordinary photo-album-style book, this is a photographic essay which tells the Elvis story in many ways: particularly through the lens of Ed Bonja.

Limited print of 1.000 is available, so order your copies now! Quote for prices and freight costs available by e-mails at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! "

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Elvis 72 - Bright Summer Nights

am Montag, 10. März 2014 08:31.

Das Buch "Elvis 72 - Bright Summer Nights" umfasst 150 Fotos von der Tour im Juni 1972 und im August aus Las Vegas. Jedem Buch liegt ein Kalender als Bonus bei.

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Elvis Sessions IV: The Recorded Music Of Elvis Aron Presley 1953-1977

am Montag, 10. März 2014 07:38.

Weitere Einzelheiten zur Veröffentlichung des Buches "Elvis Sessions IV" kursieren derzeit im Internet.

So soll das Buch 1000 Seiten und mehr als 500 Fotos beinhalten. Weitere Infos folgen!

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Elvis Has Left The Building: The Day The King Died

am Freitag, 28. Februar 2014 09:30.

ISBN: 071564856XDylan Jones veröffentlicht am 17.07.2014 (andere Quellen nennen den 09.10.2014) das 336 Seiten starke Buch "Elvis Has Left The Building: The Day The King Died" bei "Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd".

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"The King departed this world during the month of punk rocks apotheosis. Punk had set out to destroy Elvis, or at least everything he came to represent, but never got the chance. Elvis destroyed himself before anyone else could.

Nearly forty years after his death, rocks ultimate legend and prototype just wont go away and his influence and legacy are to be found not just in music today, but the world over. Elvis Presley has permeated the modern world in ways that are bizarre and inexplicable: a pop icon while he was alive, he has become almost a religious icon in death, a modern-day martyr crucified on the wheel of drugs, celebrity culture, junk food and sex.

In Elvis Has Left the Building, Dylan Jones takes us back to those heady days around the time of his death and the rise of punk. He evokes the hysteria and devotion of The Kings numerous disciples and imitators, offering a uniquely insightful commentary on Elviss life, times and outrageous demise. This is a fresh account, written with the authors customary panache, recounting how Elvis single-handedly changed the course of popular music and culture, and what his death meant and still means to us today."

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ISBN: 9781783611218Am 05.02.2014 erscheint das 128 Seiten starke, von Alice Hudson geschriebene und mit einem Vorwort von Malcolm McKenzie versehene Buch "Elvis".

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Elvis stands above all icons in music, elevated by his influence on youth culture, with his walk, his clothes and, of course, his incredible singing voice.

The first white artist to crossover with black music he was adored and stalked in equal measure, with the last few years of his life being a torment of fame. With often intimate portraits of this troubled star this book is sure to intrigue everyone interested in the life of an astonishing artist."

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Elvis Presley - La Musica E Il Regno (Guida Illustrata Alla Discografia Completa)

am Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014 09:21.

Unter dem Titel "Elvis Presley - La Musica E Il Regno (Guida Illustrata Alla Discografia Completa)" veröffentlichte John Robertson am 08.01.2014 diese Broschüre mit einer Picture Disc.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Album-per-album, singolo-per-singolo, "La musica e il regno" è un viaggio attraverso tutta la musica incisa da Elvis Presley nei suoi vent'anni di carriera, dalle leggendarie session alla Sun di Memphis fino alla decadenza nei casinò di Las Vegas, passando per i successi alla Rca, i tanti film con le relative colonne sonore e il sorprendente comeback del '68."

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Elvis: An American Trilogy - Volume One 1: Family, Mississippi To Memphis

am Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2014 08:20.

ISBN: ?Von Dennis W. Forbus erschien der erste Teil der Trilogie "Elvis: An American Trilogy" mit dem Untertitel "Family, Mississippi To Memphis".

Ankündigung (Ausschnitt):
"This book project has been in the works for over nineteen years now. The actual writing of this books has taken almost four years, over seventy interviews, nine trips to Memphis, four trips to Tupelo, unaccounted hours of research on the internet, phone, and in person and on location of events.

Dennis has first hand knowledge of seeing Elvis live in concert, conducting in depth interviews with those that knew Elvis best, the real Elvis, from some that lived at Graceland with him, while others were employed or were close family or friends. Some of those interviews came from people like: JD Sumner, James Blackwood, Jake Hess, Larry Geller, George Klein, Dr. Nick, Marion Cocks, Sandy Miller, David Standley, Elvis' Uncle Vester, Uncle Earl & Aunt Nash, former classmates and girlfriends, bodyguards, band members, studio owners and workers, Ray Walker, Gordon Stoker, Charlie Hodge, John Heath, Club Owners of Memphis, and many more.

Over the past four years we have gathered photos, many from Elvis' cousin Mackey Hargett,  that have little or no publications in the United States, some are that of private collections of family members and of a rare Elvis & Graceland. These photos and interviews are covered throughout the entire collection, inside the pages of these three volumes. Ever wondered the REAL Reason and Cause of Elvis' death? The answer can be found somewhere in this trilogy.

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The King In Motion - Volume 2: Wahooo From Omaha

am Samstag, 11. Januar 2014 08:43.

Das "Venus"-Label kündigt ihre zweite Buch-DVD-CD-Kombination mit dem Titel "The King In Motion - Volume 2: Wahooo From Omaha" an. Weitere Infos folgen!

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