Walk A Lonely Street - Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story Of Heartbreak Hotel


Für das Jahr 2016 ist die Veröffentlichung des Buches "Walk A Lonely Street - Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story Of Heartbreak Hotel" von Tony Plews geplant und wird mit folgenden Worten beworben:

"Heartbreak Hotel was the electrifying record that launched the career of the world’s most popular entertainer, Elvis Presley, and helped establish rock ‘n’ roll as a genuine musical force. Recorded and released in January 1956 as the singer turned 21 and was breaking out of the claustrophobic Country music scene, the song quickly became a worldwide hit and awakened an entire generation, kick-starting the cultural revolution of the 1960s.

For sixty years a legend flourished around Presley’s hit record: the saga of how and why it was written became the most famous story-behind-the-song in music history. But the fabled scenario of an anonymous suicide victim and his enigmatic note  –  “I walk a lonely street”  –  posed more questions than it answered.

This is the book that solves the last great mystery of rock 'n' roll: who was the anonymous man whose death inspired Elvis Presley's first hit record?

It is a story that spans over one hundred years and involves scores of singers and their songs, uncovering the truth, placing events in context and revealing the astonishing depth of Presley’s artistic vision and achievements.

There is a tale to tell …"

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The OEPFC Magazin (Juli / August 2016)


Der "Official Elvis Presley Fanclub Of Great Britain" veröffentlicht sein neues Magazin. Diese Ausgabe kann man auf der Homepage kostenlos odern und man nimmt gleichzeitig an einer Verlosung der 60-CD-Box "Elvis Presley - The Album Collection" teil:

- Ann Moses Talking About "TTWII"
- Colonel Parker´s Madison Office
- Elvis´ Honeymoon Hideaway In Palm Springs
u. v. m.


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Jimmy Ellis - In The Shadow Of A King


Der norwegische Fanclub "Flaming Star" will Mitte August eine 400 Seiten starke Biografie von Orion unter dem Titel "Jimmy Ellis - In The Shadow Of A King" nebst Bonus-CD veröffentlichen.

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Elvis - Return Of The Dragon


"JAT Publishing" kündigt das Buch "Elvis - Return Of The Dragon" an, welches über 150 unveröffentlichte Fotos - so die Ankündigung - von Aufritten der Jahre 1974 und 1976 beinhalten wird. Weitere Infos folgen!

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A Little Thing Called Life - From Elvis's Graceland To Bruce Jenner's Caitlyn & Songs In Between


ISBN: 0062469746Für den 03.05.2016 sollte die 304 Seiten starke Autobiografie "A Little Thing Called Life - From Elvis's Graceland To Bruce Jenner's Caitlyn & Songs In Between" von Linda Thompson bei "Dey Street Books" erscheinen.

Der Veröffentlichungstermin ist nun auf den 23.08.2016 verschoben worden und der Verlag kündigt das Buch mit folgenden Worten an:

"Award-winning songwriter Linda Thompson breaks her silence, sharing the extraordinary story of her life, career, and epic romances with two of the most celebrated, yet enigmatic, modern American superstars—Elvis Presley and Bruce Jenner.

For the last forty years, award-winning songwriter Linda Thompson has quietly led one of the most remarkable lives in show business. The longtime live-in love of Elvis Presley, Linda first emerged into the limelight during the 1970s when the former beauty pageant queen caught the eye of the King. Their chance late-night encounter at a movie theater was the stuff of legend, and it marked the beginning of a whirlwind that would stretch across decades, leading to a marriage with Bruce Jenner, motherhood, and more drama than she ever could have imagined.

Now for the first time, Linda opens up about it all, telling the full story of her life, loves, and everything in between. From her humble beginnings in Memphis to her nearly five year relationship with Elvis, she offers an intimate window into their life together, describing how their Southern roots fueled and sustained Graceland's greatest romance. Going inside their wild stories and tender moments, she paints a portrait of life with the King, as raucous as it is refreshing. But despite the joy they shared, life with Elvis also had darkness, and her account also presents an unsparing look at Elvis's twin demons—drug abuse and infidelity—forces he battled throughout their time together that would eventually end their relationship just eight months before his untimely death.

It was in the difficult aftermath of Elvis's death that Linda found what she believed was her true home: the arms of Olympic gold medal-winner Bruce Jenner. Detailing her marriage to Bruce, Linda reveals the apparently perfect life that they built with their two young sons—Brandon and Brody—before Bruce changed everything with a secret he'd been carrying his entire life, a secret that Linda herself kept for nearly thirty years, a secret that Bruce's transition to Caitlyn Jenner has finally laid bare for the world. Providing a candid look inside one of the most challenging moments of her life, Linda uncovers the struggles she went through as a woman and a mother, coming to terms with the reality of Bruce's identity and resolving to embrace him completely no matter what, even as it meant they could no longer be together,

And yet, despite her marriage unraveling, her search for love was not over, eventually leading her to the legendary music producer and musician David Foster, a relationship that lasted for 19 tumultuous years, resulting in a bond that spurred her songwriting career to new heights but also tested her like never before. Filled with compelling and poignant stories and 16 pages of photographs, A Little Thing Called Life lovingly recounts Linda's incredible journey through the years, bringing unparalleled insight into three legendary figures. "

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Golden Boy Elvis (Ausgabe 2/2016)



Dieser Tage wurde das Cover zum neuen Magazin "Golden Boy Elvis veröffentlicht und ist nun in den Druck gegangen.

- "Elvis Complete: The Album Collection"
- Muhammad Ali & Elvis
- FTD: "The West Coast Tour `76"
u. v. m.

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