All The King's Horses: The Equestrian Life Of Elvis Presley


ISBN: 1621576035ISBN: 1621576035Für den 17.08.2017 ist das 200 Seiten starke und bei "Regnery History" erscheinende Buch "All The King's Horses: The Equestrian Life Of Elvis Presley" von Kimberly Gatto und Victoria Racimo angekündigt. Das Vorwort schrieb Priscilla Presley.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"When Elvis Presley decided he wanted to buy a horse in 1966, he didn't want just any horse. "He wanted a Golden Palomino," Priscilla Presley remembers. "He would get up at 3:00 in the morning, go to certain farms and ranches and say, 'Do you have a Golden Palomino for sale?' People would say, 'That was Elvis Presley!"

Elvis's legendary love of horses drove him to find the Golden Palomino who would become his beloved companion Rising Sun, and to fill Graceland's stables and Circle G Ranch with horses for family and friends to ride.

In the first-ever book dedicated to Elvis's equestrian side, horse lovers Kimberly Gatto and Victoria Racimo share rare stories, interviews, and photographs that shed light on the beautiful, quiet life the King lived when he was with his horses. "

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The OEPFC Magazin (März / April 2017)


Die März / April-Ausabe des "Official Elvis Presley Fanclub Of Great Britain" erscheint dieser Tage und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- Marty Lacker
- Joe Esposito
u. v. m.


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Elvis - My Happiness (Nr. 99)


No 99No 99Die 99ste Ausgabe des französischen Fan-Club-Magazins "My Happiness" erscheint dieser Tage und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- Das Jahr 1977
- Linda Thompson (Part II)
- u. v. m.

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Elvis - The Legend


ISBN 9781780979571ISBN 9781780979571Der "Hannibal"-Verlag veröffentlicht am 26.06.2017 dieses Buch auf Deutsch und es erscheint am 10.08.2017 bei "Carlton Books Ltd." auch auf dem englischen Markt.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"This book tells the personal story of Elvis and his relationships with those near and dear to him and contains more than 150 colour and black and white photographs from the Graceland archives, accompanied by insightful text from an author with a proven Elvis track record.

To take you closer than ever before to the King, 30 items of rare memorabilia are carefully reproduced on the page, including personal letters, receipts, telegrams, publicity material and other fascinating items which provide new insight into the life of a legend.

There are photographs of Elvis himself, Elvis with friends and family, and all manner of personal artifacts, including guitars, jewelry, clothing, vehicles and more."

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Now Dig This (No. 408)


No. 408No. 408

Im aktuellen Magazin "Now Dig This" befindet sich folgender interessanter Artikel "The Jordanaires: From Barbershop To The Record Hop".

Weitere Theme:
- Ray Smith: Willing & Ready
- Lincoln Chase
- Ronnie Dawson
- Poozie Miles
- u. v. m.

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Graceland - Nr. 233: Januar / Februar 2017


Nummer 233Nummer 233

Das Fan-Club-Magazin der "Elvis Presley Gesellschaft" erscheint in seiner 233. Ausgabe  und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- Elvis´ BMW 507: Die Geschichte eines ganz besonderen Fahrzeugs
- Interview: Charlie McCoy
- u. v. m.

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Elvis Presley - Caught In A Trap


ISBN: 0857161652ISBN: 0857161652Am 03.08.2017 veröffentlicht der Autor Spencer Leight das 380 Seiten starke Buch "Elvis Presley - Caught In A Trap" bei "McNidder & Grace".

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