Flaming Star (Nr. 88)


No. 88No. 88

Das norwegische Fan-Club-Magazin "Flaming Star" erscheint dieser Tage in der Nummer 88 und enthält u. a. Artikel über den Song "Kiss Me Quick", das Thema "Elvis & Weihnachten" und über "Roustabout" wird auch berichtet.

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Graceland - Nr. 231: September / Oktober 2016


Nummer 231Nummer 231

In der Vorweihnachtszeit erscheint Nummer 231 vom "Graceland"-Magazin der "Elvis Presley Gesellschaft" und dieses hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- Elvis´ 22. Spielfilm: "Spinout"
- Festival: European Elvis Festival in Bad Nauheim
- Songlexikon: 60. Folge der beliebten Serie
- Elvis In Convert: Deutschlandtournee 2017
- u. v. m.

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Elvis - A Life In Music: Die kompletten Aufnahme-Sessions 1953 - 1977 / Alle offiziellen Tonträger 1954 - 2015


Wie Elvis-Memories und "Cosoc Grand Royal" mitteilt erscheint das deutschsprachige, 676 Seiten starke und 39,90€ teure Buch "Elvis - A Life In Music: Die kompletten Aufnahme-Sessions 1953 - 1977 / Alle offiziellen Tonträger 1954 - 2015" im Feburar 2017 mit inhaltlichem Stand von Anfang 2016.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
- Vollständige Aufnahmeinformationen zu jeder Session zwischen Sommer 1953 und Sommer 1977.
- Alle offiziellen Tonträger von 1954 bis Anfang 2016.
- Vollständige diskografische Informationen, inklusive privater Aufnahmen, Konzertmitschnitten und Alternate Takes.
- Mehr als 150 Fotos in Farbe bzw. Schwarz/Weiß, viele davon nie zuvor veröffentlicht.

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Elvis Ignited - The Rise Of An Icon In Florida


ISBN: 0813062306ISBN: 0813062306Am 14.03.2017 erscheint das 224 Seite starke und von Bob Kealing geschriebene Buch "Elvis Ignited: The Rise Of An Icon In Florida" bei der "University Press Of Florida".

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"I don t think there was a better time and place to be a teenager than in Florida in the 1950s. It was such a magical place. Elvis is part of what contributed to that excitement. Bob Graham, former Florida governor and United States senator Kealing tells us the story of what happened when Elvis arrived in Florida and what role the Sunshine State played in his life and musical career.

This is a critical era in the Elvis Saga. William McKeen, editor of Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay: An Anthology Presents a great picture of what it was like to be a touring musician in the 1950s and also of Florida at the time and how the culture was changed by the shock of Elvis. Joy Wallace Dickinson, author of Remembering Orlando: Tales from Elvis to Disney It was his most electric and influential time as a live performer. The young and hungry Elvis, the rising star, burst onto stages large and small sexy, controversial, brimming with talent and ambition. One lightning-hot year in Florida fueled his rise from novelty act to headlining megastar.

Elvis Ignited follows the immensely talented musician through his tour of Florida in 1955 1956, where he played more concerts than in any other state in the country and where he first became the object of worship, scorn, and controversy. Bob Kealing interviews people who saw the King up close in high school gymnasiums, nightclubs, radio stations, and shopping centers, recalling the time-stands-still memories of hearing his hit songs for the first time and the shrieks of young fans at the sight of the young rockabilly god.

Struck by a new kind of music and performances so different from anything they had known before, Floridians saw how special Elvis was before the rest of the world caught on. Kealing continues the story through Elvis s years in the army and the filming of Follow that Dream in Florida in 1961. Elvis s rise to fame in the Sunshine State was a turning point in American music history. It was the arrival of rock and roll."

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Rock ´n´ Roll Musikmagazin (229)


Ausgabe  229 (5/2016)Ausgabe 229 (5/2016)Das deutsche "Rock ´n´ Roll"-Musikmagazins veröffentlicht in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe neben anderen interessanten Themen Berichte über das "European-Festival in Bad Nauheim" und "Elvis Weekend 2016 in Bad Nauheim und Friedberg".

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Elvis: The Man And His Music (114)


Die Dezember-Ausgabe des englischen Elvis-Magazin´s "The Man And His Music" ist erschienen und hat u . a. folgende Themen zum Inhalt:

- Partly Truth, Partly Fiction - The Movies That Never Were
- For Hardcore EP Fans Only
- Elvis & The Colonel: All The Way With L.B.J.
- It Happened On The Set Of The World’s Fair
- Heartbreak Hotel: The Truth Is Out
u. v. m.

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Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture Of Elvis


ISBN: 1943876037ISBN: 1943876037Bei "Glitterati" erscheint am 01.08.2017 das 252 Seiten starke Buch "Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture Of Elvis" und dieses wird mit folgenden Worten angekündigt:

"Larger-than-life in talent, Elvis Presley was also legendarily charismatic, a man who left a deep and lasting impression on every person who knew him. Blue Suede Shoes is an all-access pass to the personal world of Elvis Presley, an intimate look at the culture he created and the legacy he left behind.

From photographer Thom Gilbert (Soul: Memphis’ Original Sound) comes this unique visual history, an interplay of photographs and stories that reveal the private Elvis. This stunningly photographed collection pairs personal anecdotes from 75 of Elvis's friends, fellow musicians, and fans, with portraits of the people whose lives he touched and the objects and artifacts he left behind.

Rediscover the man behind the image through these photographs of the places he lived and recorded, the jewelry and clothing he wore, and even the gifts he chose for friends (plus, uniquely, items that were given to Elvis) and through reading first-hand accounts from those whose experienced his profound generosity. A magnificent gift for fans old and new, Blue Suede Shoes provides a beautiful and insightful look at one of America’s most beloved performers."

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