Let's Rock!: How 1950s America Created Elvis And The Rock And Roll Craze


ISBN: 1442269367ISBN: 1442269367Richard Aquila veröffentlicht am 16.11.2016 bei "Rowman & Littlefield" das 789g schwere und 340 Seiten starke Buch "Let's Rock!: How 1950s America Created Elvis And The Rock And Roll Craze".

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"Rock & roll became one of the most important cultural developments in post-World War II America. Yet, its origins are shrouded in myth and legend. Let's Rock! reclaims the lost history of rock & roll. Based on years of research, as well as interviews with Dion, Bo Diddley, and other rock & roll pioneers, the book offers new information and fresh perspectives about Elvis, the rise of rock & roll, and 1950s America.

Like a vast oral history project, the music yields insights about 1950s America. Rock & roll is intertwined with the rise of a post-World War II youth culture, the emergence of African Americans in society, the growth of consumer culture, technological change, the expansion of mass media, and the rise of a Cold War culture that endorsed traditional values to guard against Communism. The book demonstrates that early rock & roll was not as rebellious as common wisdom has it.

The new sound reflected the conservatism and conformity of the 1950s as much as it did the era's conflict. Rock & roll supported centrist politics, traditional values, and mainstream attitudes toward race, gender, class, and ethnicity. The musical evidence proves that most teenagers of the 1950s were not that different from their parents and grandparents when it came to basic beliefs, interests, and pastimes. Young and old alike were preoccupied by the same concerns, tensions, and insecurities. Rock & roll reveals that America’s Cold War culture was much more broadly-based than previously thought."

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Inland Empire


In der April-Ausgabe des Magazins "Inland Empire" findet sich einmal u. a. der Artikel "The Night Elvis Rocked The I.E." und Elvis ziert das Cover.

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Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars


ISBN: 1501072250ISBN: 1501072250Steven Bo Keeley veröffentlichte am 22.04.2016 sein 410 Seiten starkes Buch "Elvis' Humor: Girls, Guns & Guitars" bei "CreateSpace Independent".

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"This is a biography of Elvis's top 290 comic moments. The King of rock and roll is for the first time revealed as the King of humor. Girls, guns, guitars, morgues, one-way mirrors, fleets of gifts, duping the U.S. President, chimpanzee sex, charade assassins, and water pistol fights are the deepest insights into the real Elvis. Presley had a thoughtful, comprehensive sense of humor, as detailed in the first chapter 'The Psychology of Elvis' Humor’. The best comic moments of his life follow.

What Others Say about Elvis Presley’s Humor: “I wish we had a full-length documentary of the way we all carried on at these locations. It would be a heck of a comedy.” – Sonny West (bodyguard)

“Elvis, as much as anybody I’ve ever known in my life, loved to laugh. His whole life was built around trying to find humor in things.” - Ronnie Tutt (drummer)

“Whether it was a whoopee cushion placed on one of the guy’s chairs or dried red peppers poured on someone’s eggs, there was always a prank ready to be played.” - Peggy Lipton (model, girlfriend)

“Elvis was an impulsive guy. And when you mix impulse, temper, and pills, you’re going to have some interesting situations.” – Marty Lacker (Memphis Mafia)

“Elvis had no parameters. He moved the lines of behavior wherever he wanted them and if he went too far, he moved them out farther.” - Lamar Fike (stage lighting, MM)"

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175 Moments Magazine


Am 17.04.2016 erschien der "Commercial Appeal" von Memphis mit Elvis auf dem Cover und dem Titel "175 Moments Magazin".

Infos von der Homepage:
"Photographer Dave Darnell was a CA rookie when he jockeyed for position for more than an hour as Elvis Presley was honored by the Jaycees, each time being pushed out of position by bodyguards. But Darnell, who retired after 41 years, said those shielding the star were no match for "a little old lady" next to him with a pocket Instamatic.

'She said, ‘Hey Elvis, turn around.'

Presley complied.

'Well, take your glasses off,’ she said, like you’d expect a grandmother to say.'

Darnell said the result was a photo that has been reproduced around the globe, the most recognized of his career despite having photographed six sitting U.S. presidents.

'If I could find that little old lady today, I’d kiss her on the mouth.'"

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Club Elvis (Nr. 94)


No. 94No. 94"Club Elvis" das Magazin vom offiziellen spanischen Fan-Club erscheint dieser Tage in der Nummer 94 und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- Grand Ole Opry
- The ´69 Sessions At American Sound Studio
- u. v. m.

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Elvis - My Happiness (Nr. 95)


No 95No 95Das Magazin des französischen Fan-Clubs "Elvis - My Happiness" erscheint dieser Tage und wird u. a. folgende Beiträge beinhalten:

- 60th Anniversary Of Heartbreak Hotel
- Scotty Moore & The Lost Songs
- u. v. m.

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