Vintage Rock (No. 28)


Die "März / April"-Ausgabe des "Vintage Rock"-Magazins befasst sich mit den "20 Moments That Shook" und mit dabei ist Elvis neben Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins bzw. Buddy Holly.

Weitere Themen:
- Shakin Stevens "Echoes Of Our Times"
- Blues Legend: Slim Harpo
- Story Of Bobby Darin
u. v. m.

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Flaming Star (Nr. 89)


No. 89No. 89

"Flaming Star", das norwegische Fan-Club-Magazin, erscheint in seiner 89. Ausgabe und hat u. a. die Themen:

- Hank Garland
- "Kissin´ Cousins"
- Baltimore 1971
u. v. m.

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The Elvis Mag (Nr. 96)


Nr.: 96Nr.: 96

Von "Essential Elvis" kommt die Ausgabe 96 und beinhaltet u. a. folgende interessante Themen:

- "If I Can Dream" (The O2-Concert)
- "Diamond" Joe Espositio
- 1957: That Was TheYear That Was!
- Aloha, Jerry (Jerry Scheff)
- u. v. m.

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Essential Elvis Interviews


"Essential Elvis" kündigt das 192 Seiten starke Buch "Essential Elvis Interviews" an.

Ankündigung von Andrew Hearn:
"A 192-page collection of exclusive interviews with those who knew him the best - his closest friends, members of his elite inner circle, girlfriends, co-stars and associates. Enjoy many revealing and in-depth interviews with people such as Linda Thompson, Anita Wood, George Nichopoulos and Ginger Alden.

Illustrated with rare and unseen photographs from the archives, this exciting book contains un-edited transcripts of over 30 incredible interviews.

Interviews include...
Julie Parrish / Mike Stoller / Jennifer Holden / Lamar Fike / Al Dvorin / Francine York / Deborah Walley / Sonny West / Anita Wood / Linda Thompson / Barbara Leigh / Wink Martindale / Pat Priest / Ginger Alden / Joan Blackman / Bill Belew / David Stanley / Larry Geller / Susan Henning and many others."

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The Official Collectors´s Edition: Elvis - Volume 9


Bei "The Official Collectors´s Edition" erscheint Ausgabe 9 und beinhaltet ein von Priscilla Presley geschriebenes Vorwort mit dem Titel "The Intimate Portraits" .

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Elvis Special Collector’s Editions is proud to present The Intimate Portraits, an unprecedented collection of Elvis’s most informal moments, from backstage in Hollywood to his living room at Graceland.

As America and the world fell in love with Elvis over and over again from the 1950s to the 1970s, those closest to him were always on hand to snap pictures of their photogenic friend. Curated by Priscilla Presley and featuring her introduction, this unique look at Elvis’s more private moments is a must-have for any collector or fan of the King of Rock & Roll."

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TCB Band - Still Taking Care Of Business


Vom dänischen Elvis Presley Fan Club kommt das Buch "TCB Band - Still Taking Care Of Business", welches von von Thomas La Cour geschrieben und mit Bildern von Eddie Michel Azoulay versehen wurde.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"How would Aretha Franklin's "Respect" have sounded without The Swampers? How would Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" have sounded without Funk Brothers? How would Otis Redding's "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" have sounded without Booker T & The MG's?
How would Elvis Presley have sounded in the 1970s without the TCB Band?

There is no doubt about the fact that it was Elvis who chose the songs and it was Elvis who interpreted them. But it was his faithful backing band that created the sound in which the songs should swim. Just as the famous studio bands from Fame, Motown and STAX created the sound of a host of artists on classic recordings - including Aretha's, Stevie's and Otis'.

But where the large studio bands have been hailed with movies and books aplenty, the TCB Band is missing the biographical legacy they deserve. The musical legacy is in place and in a class of its own, but so far we have been missing the penned down epitaph, which their historical significance naturally demands.

How would ”Polk Salad Annie” have sounded without Ronnie Tutt's energetic drumming and Jerry Scheff's virtuosic bass? How would "I Just Can't Help Believin" have sounded if it had been arranged for Elvis by anyone other than Glen D. Hardin? How would the material from the 50s have sounded in the 70s without James "the master of the Telecaster" Burton's familiar twang?

When listening to Elvis in the 70s, you're not just hearing Elvis; you're just as much hearing the TCB Band. In the almost 40 years that have passed since Elvis died, all members have remained involved in musical projects and on special occasions come together to recreate the spark we know from Hawaii, Madison Square Garden, Las Vegas and concert and studio recordings from all over the United States.

The Danish city of Randers has been a regular venue, since Henrik Knudsen (concert organizer and owner of the largest Elvis Museum outside the US) invited them over for the first time in 1999. 25 shows on Danish soil to date (plus the big screen concerts "Elvis: The Concert”), and when Glen, James and Ronnie returned at Elvis' posthumous 80th birthday in January 2015, the idea arose to photo document the show. The documentary and reportage photographer Eddie Michel Azoulay, who is also a devoted Elvis fan, was assigned with the task and when the TCB Band returned to Randers in 2016, Eddie was back with his cameras in place. Backstage. On stage. During the waiting period.

Initially, Henrik and Eddie didn't really know what the photos should be used for. Perhaps an exhibit. Perhaps a booklet, or a book. Slowly the idea took shape and the result is what you’re holding in your hand: A photo essay for and about the TCB Band. A tribute and a thank you to the band and all its living and deceased membersrs through the years – and James Burton, Glen D. Hardin and Ronnie Tutt in particular.

We owe them a heartfelt thank you, because they together with Elvis created the songs that have become such an essential a part of the soundtrack of life. And we owe them a lot of gratitude for not calling it quits a long time ago and instead keep coming back. Again and again. So that all of us who didn't get to see Elvis live, can have a musical experience that comes quite close. "

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