Flaming Star (Nr. 91)


No. 91No. 91

Ausgabe 91 des norwegischen Fan-Club-Magazin´s "Flaming Star" erscheint dieser Tage und beinhaltet wieder verschiedene Themen rund um Elvis. So u. a.:

- 16.08.1977
- Sonny West
- Elvis´ Last-Show
u. v. a.

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A Hell Of A Ride


Von Jon W. Sparks, Pat und Red West stammt das im nächsten Jahr erscheinende Buch "A Hell Of A Ride" und es trägt den Untertitel "Red West - Recollections Of A Remarkable Life Before, During And After Elvis & The Memphis Mafia".

In der Oktober 2017-Ausgabe des "Memphis Magazine" kann man darüber näheres erfahren: Memphis - The City Magazin

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Elvis (Nr. 58)


Ausgabe 58Ausgabe 58

Die Ausgabe 58 des Fan-Club-Magazins von "Elvis Matters" steht in den Startlöchern und hat u. a. folgende Themen:

- 60 Jahre "Jailhouse Rock"
- Elvis Week 2017
u. v. m.

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Golden Boy Elvis (Ausgabe 3/2017)



Auch Ausgabe 3 vom Magazin "Golden Boy Elvis" wartet wieder mit vielen Themen rund um Elvis auf:

- FTD-CD „Madison“ - mit Buch und unveröffentlichter CD vom 9. Juni 1972
- FTD-Soundtrack „Roustabout“
- „The Wonder Of You“ gastierte mit Priscilla in Deutschland
- Erinnerungen an die TV-Sendung „Hallo Elvis“ aus dem Jahr 1985
- u. v. m.

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Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs


ISBN: 9781442248045ISBN: 9781442248045"Rowman & Littlefield" kündigen für den 15.02.2018 das 270 Seiten umfassende und von Mark Buffett geschrieben Buch "Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs" an.

Ankündigung des Verlages:
"Over the course of his career and since, Elvis Presley has sold over a billion records; his music has touched nearly every modern listeners. But few are book-length assessments of his music instead of his life. In Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Finest Songs, Mark Duffett urges us to put aside the misleading stereotypes and rumor-filled debates about mythical Elvis and listen once again to musical genius who emerged from the Memphis music scene.

As Duffett illustrates, Elvis Presley had a unique approach to music, one that was powerful and versatile. In a career stretching across more than two decades Presley changed the face of popular music by drawing together genres--from country and blues to contemporary folk to even opera--and then putting his unique stamp on them all. Counting Down Elvis: His 100 Best Songs explores the full range of Presley recordings, from his earliest number to his end-of-career (and even posthumous) hits, combing through gold record hits and unpolished gems to distill the best Presley had to offer his generation, his successors, and listeners today."

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