August 16, 1977


PosterentwurfPosterentwurfDie "Stanley-Brüder" initiieren unter Mitarbeit der "Impello Entertainment Company" ein weiteres Filmprojekt mit dem Titel "16. August 1977".

Info von der Homepage:
August 16, 1977 was a day that changed the music world forever – when young American Rock & Roll Super Star Elvis Presley was discovered dead at his Graceland Mansion in Memphis, TN. In the film August 16, 1977 we follow in almost real time the events of three individuals before, during, and after this incomprehensible event that would change their lives and forever alter our world’s entertainment landscape. Thrust into a scenario of unprecedented drama with unimaginable consequences, these key characters respond with shock, outrage, determination and courage.

Woven together, their seemingly disparate perspectives make one of the most intriguing and powerful stories never told. From producers Billy, Ricky & David E. Stanley August 16, 1977 is the true story behind a tragic day in history you thought you knew, but didn’t, and couldn’t, until now… 40 years later.

Quelle: ElvisDayByDay.Com / ImpelloEntertainment.Com

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Elvis: The Rebirth Of The King


Mit folgenden Worten kündigt die BBC die 4stündige Dokumentation "Elvis: The Rebirth of the King" für den 29.12.2017 an:

"The widely accepted Elvis narrative is that The Vegas Period was the nadir of his career but this film argues that Elvis reached his peak, both as a singer and performer in the first few years of his Vegas period. He became, in those short years, the greatest performer on earth.

Elvis: Rebirth of The King, tracks this five year renaissance with some of his key musical and artistic collaborators of the period, including the creator of his most memorable jumpsuits, to celebrate the greatest pop reinvention of all time!"

Quelle: BBC.Co.Uk

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Suzanna Leigh verstorben


Suzanna Leigh, die zusammen u. a. mit Elvis im Film "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" spielte, ist im Alter von 72 Jahren gestorben. Dies teilte ihre Tochter, die Schauspielerin Natalia Leigh, am Montag in einem Facebook-Posting mit.

Quelle: HollywoodReporter.Com

Elvis Presley: The Searcher


"Elvis Presley: The Searcher" soll nun die für das Jahr 2018 angekündigte Dokumentation von HBO heißen und insgesamt 3 Stunden lang sein.

Die Homepage ElvisPresley.News fasst die Ankündigungen wie folgt zusammen:

"'Elvis Presley: The Searcher' will be a three-hour, two-film presentation focusing on Elvis Presley the musical artist, taking the audience on a comprehensive creative journey from his childhood through the final 1976 Jungle Room recording sessions. The films include stunning atmospherics shot inside Graceland, Elvis' iconic home, and feature more than 20 new, primary source interviews with session players, producers, engineers, directors and other artists who knew him or who were profoundly influenced by him. The documentary also features never-before-seen photos and footage from private collections worldwide.

An HBO Documentary Films Presentation in association with Sony Pictures Television; executive producers, Glen Zipper, Priscilla Presley, Jerry Schilling, Andrew Solt, Alan Gasmer and Jamie Salter (chairman and CEO, Authentic Brands Group); producers, Jon Landau and Kary Antholis; directed and produced by Thom Zimny. Thom Zimny, is a Emmy and Grammy winner who has work on multiple Bruce Springsteen projects.

'The producers came to HBO and Sony with the idea for a film drawing upon very rare footage that captures Elvis' musicianship in a new and exciting way. The artistry on display in that footage reminded us of the great work by Jon Landau and Thom Zimny on their previous HBO documentaries, we are thrilled to have them at the helm to lend their unique cinematic perspectives to this iconic, complex and singular artist' noted HBO's Kary Antholis."

Quelle: ElvisPresley.News

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"Elvis Week 2017"-App


Im Google-Play- und Apple-Store wurde das offzielle App zur "Elvis Week 2017" veröffentlicht und kann aus den jeweiligen Store´s kostenlos installiert werden.

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Limitierte Edition von Briefmarken der EPG



"... Exklusiv zum EEF ("European Elvis Festival") und zum Andenken an Elvis' viel zu frühen Tod 1977, haben die Organisatoren der Stadt Bad Nauheim und wir (die "Elvis Presley Gesellschaft e. V.") eine limitierte Edition von Briefmarken für Euch, die Ihr zusammen mit einer schmucken Postkarte und einem Sonderstempel beim EEF in Eure Sammlung einreihen könnt!"

Quelle: EPG-EV.De