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Johnny Cash drummer, Sun Records veteran, WS “Fluke” Holland dead at age 85

W.S. Holland performs at the Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson, Tennessee in 2014

WS “Fluke” Holland, the man who provided the backbeat for some of rock and roll’s most iconic artists and songs, has died. Holland passed away on Wednesday at his home in Jackson, Tenn. following a short illness. He was 85.

A native of Middle Tennessee, Holland played drums on Sun Records star Carl Perkins’ historic early recordings, including Blue Suede Shoes,” “Matchbox,” and “Honey Don’t.”

He would become most identified with another Sun alumnus, Johnny Cash, playing behind the Man in Black for more than four decades and cementing his own status with his work on classic recordings including “Ring of Fire," and the albums "Live at Folson Prison" and "Live at San Quentin."

Hailed by Cash as “The Father of the Drums,” Holland is credited as the first man to play a full drum set on stage at the Grand Ole Opry. Holland would also appear, along with Cash, on Bob Dylan's 1969 LP, "Nashville Skyline."

Born April 22, 1935 in Saltillo, Tenn. and raised in nearby Bemis, Holland graduated from J.B. Young High School in Jackson in 1953. While working as an air conditioner repairman, Holland would see fellow Jacksonite Carl Perkins performing with his brothers in local clubs on the weekends, and sometimes joined the group on stage – usually tapping out rhythm on the side of an upright bass.

Perkins, who was set to venture to Memphis to record with Sun Records owner Sam Phillips, invited Holland to join on the session, and he quickly scared up a set of drums to play. The session would yield Perkins’ signature hit “Blue Suede Shoes,” with Holland providing the song’s stop-start exclamations.

Although he'd never played the instrument before -- and as a natural left-hander set up his drums in an unconventional manner -- his "accidental" career as a drummer was born. As Holland told the Jackson Sun in 2014, "My nickname is ‘Fluke’ because everything I ever did seemed like a fluke."

But Holland would prove his value behind the kit. During the 1950s, he recorded with numerous other Sun artists including Roy Orbison, Billy Lee Riley and Carl Mann.

Holland was also on hand during a December 1956 session at the Memphis Recording Service, originally booked for Perkins. The day ended up being an impromptu summit of Sun greats -- including Perkins, Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis -- that would become known as the “Million Dollar Quartet” session.

After six years backing Perkins, Holland joined bassist Marshall Grant and guitarist Luther Perkins as part of Cash’s group in 1960. Although he was only supposed to be part of a two-week tour, he would spend the next 37 years at Cash’s side.

Holland played in the various iterations of the band -- The Tennessee Three, The Great Eighties Eight, and The Johnny Cash Show Band – and road managed Cash until the singer's retirement from the stage in the late-‘90s.

Last year, Holland published a book about his years with Cash, entitled “Behind The Man in Black: The WS Holland Story.”

Holland is survived by his wife Joyce Lindsey Holland, daughters Kim Holland Lovelace and Krista Holland.
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Och nö, das war einer meiner liebsten Schlagzeuger. Starten tat er ja als Carl Perkins' Drummer. Erst als dieser nach seinem Unfall es etwas ruhiger angehen ließ, wechselte Fluke zu Cash.

Übrigens wird er auch in Carls Song "Rockabilly music" (mit Paul Simon) erwähnt. Vielleicht ganz passend:

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