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Die bereits im Jahre 2010 erschienene CD "Song For The King: 29 Obscure Elvis Tributes" wird am 07.04.2015 erneut von "Chrome Dreams" mit einem 16seitigem Booklet veröffentlicht.

Dear Elvis (Part 1 - Audrey) - Dear Elvis (Part 2 - Audrey) - My Boy Elvis (Janis Martin) - Elvis Perez (Lalo Guerro) - I'm in Love With Elvis Presley (Virginia Lowe) - The Elvis Presley Blues (Ivan Gregory & The Blue Notes) - The Elvis Presley Blues (Anita Ray & The Nature Boys) - Around The World With Elwood Pretzel (Part 1 - Lee Tully & Milt Moss) - Around the World With Elwood Pretzel (Part 2 - Lee Tully & Milt Moss) - I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis (Little Lambsie Penn) - I Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis (Eddy Chochran & The Holly Twins) - Elvis Presley For President (Lou Monte) - Don't Blame It On Elvis (The Fabulous McClavertys) - Elvis For Christmas (Mad Milo) - I Wanna Spend Christmas With Elvis (Marlene Paula) - Oh Elvis! (Reed Harper & The Three Notes) - Elvis And The Space Looters (Part 1 - The Fans) - Elvis And The Space Looters (Part 2 - The Fans) - Hey Mister Presley (Peter Debree & The Wanderers) - Presley On Her Mind (Don Hart) - Elvis (Julie Lang) - Marching Elvis (The Greats) - (I Wanna Be) Elvis Presley's Sergeant (The Bobolinks) - Dear 53310761 (The Three Teens) - Don't Knock Elvis (Felton Jarvis) - What is This Generation Coming To? (Robert Mitchum) - Elvis In The Army (Jaybee Wasden) - Elvis Is Rockin' Again (The Hunt Sisters) - Return Of The All American Boy (Billy Adams)

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