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26 Jun 2017 17:58 #904140 von Atomic Powered Poster
Atomic Powered Poster antwortete auf Chuck Berry
Ob das Album nun was kann oder nicht kann ich nicht beurteilen, Fakt ist aber daß es eben kein posthum zusammengewürfeltes Werk ist, sondern eines dessen Erscheinen der Künstler nicht mehr erlebte. Das ist ein Unterschied.

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26 Nov 2018 22:18 #916414 von DumbAngel
DumbAngel antwortete auf Chuck Berry
Neulich hab ich eine kurze Einschätzung des Albums auf dem SmileySmileMessageBoard geschrieben. Falls es interessiert, kopiere ich sie hier (auf Englisch) rein:

Well, just a short summary. The record is full of classic Chuck Berry music. All in all it's much better sounding than I thought it would and the songs are not as embarassing as you could expect them to be with such a project (like for example Mike Love's way of name-checking the same Beach Boys songs again and again in new songs).
Chuck's guitar playing is fine and thankfully not as terrible as during live performances during his last ten years or so. His son also tries his best to fill in with his guitar playing but you can tell from the style and sound that it is not Chuck himself (and I don't think they were trying to fool anyone).
Two cover songs appear on the album. The Jazz song "You go to my head", a. o. sung by Ella Fitzgerald, and "3/4 time" (live performance), a song written but never recorded by Tony Joe White, which was a hit for Ray Charles.
As mentioned, Chuck's new music sounds like Chuck Berry, although I don't think there's a new classic. He re-records "Havana moon" as "Jamaica moon", after already having done a new "Havana moon" version on "Rockit". His vocals sound good and seem to have been recorded years ago, except for a couple of the first tunes on the album which show his voice in more recent sound.
I have to say though that some of the songs are just too long imo. From the classic Rock'n'Roll singers, Chuck was certainly the weakest singer. He did a great job on his songs but he can't keep it interesting after a song is going on for a while. So, instead of 5 mins. I'd have tried to cut the song in half, although that means of course that you'd have to get rid of a couple of lyrics and a songwriter might not want to do this.

In the end, this is a record that is a strong end to a legendary career in music (it was planned to be his last album even when he was still alive). It is not an album that shows a new side of Chuck that wasn't known before. We've already heard the kind of songs he offers us here. But that is what Chuck Berry (and all other stylists in his/her own case) was about: he plays Chuck Berry music.
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16 Aug 2019 15:12 #924074 von Charles
Charles antwortete auf Chuck Berry

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