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11 Mai 2022 18:41 - 11 Mai 2022 18:45 #961472 von DumbAngel
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Ich habe vor einer Weile eine Art Rezension zu Carls Album "Country Boy's Dream" in einem englischsprachigen Beach Boys Forum geschrieben. Wenn es jemanden interessiert, poste ich es hier auch.

Carl Perkins - Country Boy's Dream, 1968

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01 Country Boy's Dream
02 If I Could Come Back
03 Sweet Misery
04 Stateside
06 Detroit City
07 Unmitigated Gall
08 Shine, Shine, Shine
09 Dream On Little Dreamer
10 You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country
11 The Star Of The Show
12 Home (That's Where The Heart Is)
13 Poor Boy Blues

So, it's been a while, but now I wanted to talk a little about this album and it's contents. I'm not gonna do a track-by-track analysis, though.
As you all know, probably thanks to his accident while "Blue Suede Shoes" was on the charts in '56, Carl never gained the popularity he deserved. Though he released strong material, he never got a big follow-up to that song. In 1966 it was eight years since his last charting record on the Country charts, the 1958 Rock'n'Roll song "Pink Pedal Pushers" . It wasn't for lack of great material (that was never for a songwriter of Carl's talents), his records were just not selling. Back in the late 50s, due to his success with "Blue Suede Shoes", he was signed as a top star to Columbia. But after never hitting the big time again, in the mid-60s he signed with Dollie Records and in need of a hit. His first single for Dollie finally put him back on the charts. 1966's "Country Boy's Dream" went all the way to No. 22 on the Country charts. The song was written by Ernie Newton and Carl, though for some reason Carl was not credited. Carl mentioned his authorship on a live performance of that song on "Pop goes the Country" in 1977 .

Once gain though, Carl had bad luck. He accidentally shot himself in the foot (literally), and couldn't promote the song. Yet a follow-up single "Shine, shine, shine" in '67 still reached No. 40. Who knows what could've been had he been able to promote the songs on television.
In 1968, Dollie released Carl's album "Country Boy's Dream". You probably heard about what Country music sounded in Nashville during this time. The "Nashville Sound" did take a lot of the edges out of the music in favor of a smooth, sugary sound. There were great recordings and songs, but after a while it became the norm and lost it's freshness. Carl actually had a hit during these years. In 1962 Patsy Cline recorded "So wrong" which Carl wrote with Danny Dill and Mel Tillis. The single reached No 14 on the Country charts for Cline. This recording is a great example for the beauty of the "Nashville Sound".

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=8pt%Carl with Gordon Terry, Luther Perkins, Patsy Cline and George Jones in 1962

So, knowing that, you would think that "Country Boy's Dream" would be a record of that sound, so to heighten the commercial potential. Thankfull you would be wrong. The album's production and instrumentation is actually pretty simple. No orchestras, no choirs, only what sounds like a quartet of backing singers and guitars, pedal steel guitar, bass, drums, piano. This probably shouldn't be misunderstood. When he was on Columbia Carl did record some songs with that big sound. I guess it was due to Carl's commercial losses that his records weren't given the treatment of the top stars.

It's this more or less sparse sound though, that makes this album sound so fresh to my ears. It's straight forward Country music played and sung by one of it's best - forgotten - singers. Indeed Perkins was a great singer and his matured voice only gave more depth to the tunes.
Usually, in Carl's situation at that time you would put your new single on the album and record a pack of cover songs, since he was not in the place where the top songwriters of the day would write material for him. And you got your bunch of covers on here as well. But Carl was also a great songwriter as we all know and so he could strengthen his album with new and strong material. He contributed five songs all in all to this album. His own "Poor Boy Blues" was a Top 40 hit on the Country charts in 1966 in a recording by Bob Luman .

That's not saying that the covers were throwaways. Oh no! Carl's version of "If I could come back" is one of my favorite performances. The interplay between Carl's soulful singing and the pedal steel guitar is beautiful. Plus the stripped sound of the album gives this song just enough room to breathe.
Carl even got to perform his "Lake County Cotton Country" on TV, when he filled in for Johnny Cahs's recently deceased guitarist Luther Perkins (no relation).
The album could be seen as a blueprint for things like "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" a. o. for it's lack of big Nashville production. It is a great album through and through. My only criticism is that Carl's lead on "Shine, shine, shine" is a little weak.
The title song still was popular enough for Carl to perform it in the 70s every now and then. Here's one such example from "Nashville on the Road" .

Bear Family's "Dollie Masters - Country Boy's Dream" is a collection that includes the complete album plus other recordings from those sessions. Some released as singles, some unreleased. You can find more great stuff on there. Perkins' own "Dear Abby" has turned out to be a favorite of mine. Also his song "Valda" about his wife is touching.

Unfortunately Carl would never get the success he deserved. He had other hits like "Restless" which hit No. 20 in 1969, for which Mark O'Connor received a Grammy in the category "Best Country Collaboration with Vocals" in 1991.

All I can say is, check this album out (see the link in the title). If you like authentic Country music you will love it. If you're into Country Rock, you will as well.
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11 Mai 2022 19:26 #961474 von Harty
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Danke , wunderbar. Bei Carl Perkins bin ich nicht sicher, ob Fisch oder Fleisch. Er wirkte insbesondere 1956 sehr unbeholfen auf der Bühne und war optisch nicht unbedingt für die Young Generation geschaffen. Ich schätze ihn als Musiker sehr und seine später Stimme mag ich, aber so richtig warm bin ich mit Perkins nie geworden. 

Seine verzweifelten Tanzschritte zeigte er auch bei "Honey don't"

Es wirkt bei ihm zu konzentriert und mit angezogener Handbremse. Die letzte entscheidende Stufe hat er nie gezündet. Das wirkt auch alles sehr bieder in der Darbietung. Die Combo wirkt auch sehr zögerlich. Perkins war nur 3 Jahre älter als Elvis. 
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