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Text der Auktion schrieb: My father had a large, special Elvis collection, but this is the rarest and my favorite. On August 23, 1978 my father and brother were on vacation in Memphis. Even though The Sun Studios recording studio was left pretty much abandon since Sam sold it in the last 1960s. My dad was a huge fan of not only Elvis but the sound and music history that can from 706 Union. So they stopped by the studios to find the door propped open. They met an electrician on the site. My dad asked if he could have a souvenir from the studios and the worker cut this section of wall out of the recording studio as they were going to begin remodeling anyway. This piece of Sun Studio's famous wall of sound is an extremely rare, historical piece of music history. This Original piece of Sun Studio wall will come with the original photo from 1978 of my father and brother holding it directly in front of 706 Union as they received it.
My father is no longer with us, but before he passed he put down this amazing adventure down on a letter and had it notarized. The notarized original letter from my father will also be included with the piece of wall. Please feel free to email me any questions....
In Dad's own words....
July 9, 2012
During the summer of 1978, I, Howard a jones was visiting Memphis, TN and the various Elvis sites. At this point in time you weren't allowed to visit Elvis's gravesite and Graceland because yours were not available until several years later. during the particular visit I wanted to see the old Sun Studio building which had been closed for many years and have lunch at Taylor's Restaurant which was right next to the old sun studio building. When I arrived at 706 Union, address of the sun studio building, knowing it was closed and much to my surprise and joy the door to this historical landmark was wide open. I took the liberty of walking in as I didn't see anyone. The place was in shambles with apparent remodeling being done. Suddenly, a gentleman, a worker appeared from the back room and was very polite and friendly. We talked for about 20 minutes about this building and it's historical meaning to the world of rock n roll. There were curtains hanging where the recording office of sam Phillips would previously been located. I asked if it was possible if I could have a piece of the curtain. The gentleman said no, but to wait a minute and he would be right back. He went back into what was the sun studio recording room and removed a gray panel 12.25"x 6" from the wall and gave it to me as a souvenir. The excitement and joy of receiving what may appear as something very trivial or minor to others to me was the center piece of my Elvis presley collection of 56 years of collecting everything Elvis. I thanked this gentleman multiple times for this small piece of wall that contributed to the unique sun sound. I wish I could remember his name to think him again for this treasure. After all this excitement I went to the historical Taylor's Restaurant, the little local restaurant on the corner of Union next to the sun studio building. I ordered lunch and just sat there thinking of how many contracts and business deals that were made here. The Taylor restaurant was the hangout for Sam Phillips as he met Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins etc., all those Sun artists. To think of so much rock n roll history was negotiated and decided in this small cafe on the corner. The only unfortunate thing about this fantastic situation is that over many years it did dry and cracked in half. It is still fully complete just in 2 solid pieces. Over the years I have visited Memphis many times and had met Sam Phillips on almost every visit. Today, Graceland owns the studio and it is opened to the public for tours. The tours still take you to 706 Union where the sun studio still stands but it had been completely remodeled as to resemble past history. The section I have, however is part of the original wall decor of past history. It is a piece of the sound that originated and only could be produced at the sun studios. I hereby attest to the statements made that my story is true as to the dates mentioned and story told. I wrote the date on the back of the gray wall in black marker as to the day I got this piece, August 23, 1978 later that day.

Howard E. Jones.


10.000,00 Dollar ist ein stolzer Preis, aber immerhin kann man in sportlichen 24 Raten à 466,00 Dollar bezahlen, was den Preis dann zwar auf über 11.000,00 Dollar jagt, aber man kann halt auch nicht alles haben.
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Drei Tage die Woche du, drei Tage ich, und Sonntag wird alterniert? ;)

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Die Besitzfrage scheint mir weniger das Problem zu sein, eher die Frage, wer bezahlt das löchrige Brett? ;)

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