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European pay-TV operator Sky Arts has commissioned a new documentary from Fireball TV and copro and distributor Raydar Media about the legendary singer Elvis Presley.

The Seven Ages of Elvis goes on a search to explore who Presley was and his impact on pop culture. Using Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man” as a framework, the film examines his life act by act: from his impoverished childhood in the American South, through his rise to international fame, to his Las Vegas years and his death in 1977.

Combining archive material with personal testimonies from those who knew Presley best, the film sheds new light on his global success and asks why audiences are still drawn to him decades after his death. The doc is slated to premiere this year as to mark the 40th anniversary of the singer’s passing.

The Seven Ages of Elvis was commissioned by Barbara Lee, commissioning editor, Sky Arts. David Upshal is the producer and director; Alison Rayson, executive producer; Iris Maor, head of production; and Will Yates, producer.

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